Civic Duty

Like several other bloggers, I voted today. I’ll be in Mexico on Election Day, so it was get it done this week or not at all. And while I do vote in every election, I feel that this one is especially important.

I voted for Barack Obama.

For almost three decades – since the ascendancy of the Lee Atwater school of politics, and perhaps since Richard Nixon first named the ‘Southern Strategy’ – the conscious decision to go after the votes of racists – the Republican Party has been a mire of corruption and bigotry and the home of an ideology which is both morally bankrupt and worse – it doesn’t work.

My votes against so-called ‘conservatism’ have been a drop against the tide for many years now. But it looks like an era of division, anti-intellectualism and, I hope, of a news media dominated by propagandists on the payroll of a radical fringe on the right, is coming to an end on Tuesday. It’s about time.

That the end comes due to the utter failure of conservative economic policy, rather than the recognition by the voting public of what the Republican Party has actually become is irrelevant. Their era is over. It’s my hope that in the aftermath, the Republican Party can become something admirable once again.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled apolitical MMO talk.


3 responses to “Civic Duty

  1. Hey, guess the Republican Party MM (no O) needs a patch.
    We can just unsubscribe for now, and hope they make the required changes further down the road…


  2. Obama will break a barrier of perception for people of color if he wins! I would love to see him as president. Whoever wins will have their hands full with the current economy and geopolitical situation…