A Big Gift in EVE

Thanks to an act of extreme generosity, I am the proud owner of Midnight’s Daughter, a shiny new Hurricane. This is an exceptionally sweet ship, not only cool-looking but better across the board than your garden-variety cruisers. So exciting was this acquisition that I got up at 3 AM when the skill needed to fly it turned over, and undocked it for a closer look. I hope to be able to take it out on an actual mission or two tonight.

The superiority of this particular Battlecruiser model is striking; for the most part the fittings are the same as I was putting on the Rupture, save that I am shield tanking instead of armor tanking, and that this ship actually has enough CPU and Powergrid to actually fit every slot at my current skill levels. On top of that, hits are almost twice that of the Rupture (the toughest Minmatar cruiser) in every category. It’s slightly slower, but since I’m not fitting three low slots with bulky armor plates anymore, the top speed is significantly higher. It was expensive – thirty million for the ship and another ten-and-change for the insurance. But I should be able to comfortably run any Level 2 mission with this vessel right now, and well into level 3s, once I get some more skills developed.

It occurs to me that it may be better to get the ship you’re about to abandon blown up rather than sell it, assuming that you can avoid getting podded in so doing, because the insurance payout may be higher than what you could get for it by selling it. But maybe not – I plan to look at this before disposing with yet another Rupture.

As I’ve mentioned, While I’m away I plan to do a lot of mining – but I will not be just selling all the product. Instead, I will be stockpiling minerals for a large production run of Rifters – maybe 50 – selling overages to cover the costs of those minerals I can’t mine in High-sec. Believe it or not, the mineral I’m most short on is Tritanium, which is plentiful in High-sec. I then plan to haul to Teonusude and set up production there, selling the ships in Molden Heath, where demand and therefore selling price should (in theory) be higher than it would be in Heimatar. Pending actually checking the prices on the ships and rarer minerals in both regions, of course. I will probably look into picking up a BPO for the Medium ammo I am currently using as well.

I may try doing some missions while I’m gone, but I’m concerned about performance on the laptop. So I may try some level 1s in my trusty Rifter, with some Minmatar corp other than the Brutor Tribe – there are plenty of accessible agents within a couple of jumps of Rens, and I can always bump my Connections skill up again if need be.

I found out yesterday that I need a Perception implant – I somehow missed it in the last round of buying implants. So I’ll be addressing that soon, along with buying, probably, another one of the Advanced Learning skills – I currently have two of them, both at level 2. I trawled the market yesterday for cheap skills, and hopefully some of those orders wil turn over in the next few days. But I have a lot of support skills at level 1 or 2, and while I’m gone I’m going to be working those up as well – many of them will be extremely handy when it comes to fitting and flying a combat-worthy Battlecruiser. Plus I need to get to Minmatar Industrial 4, so I can fly the Mammoth sitting in my hangar, and I’m still several days away from that.

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4 responses to “A Big Gift in EVE

  1. I’d like to see how well my little rocket Kestrel would do if I could get an orbit on you. Or I have Min Cruiser skill, I could outfit a Stabber or even another Rupture and see how we did against each other. Though I’d have to train up medium projectile guns…..

    TBH, I only really fly Caracals for cruisers and they’re more of a gang ship — hard to fit for any kind of pvp duel without gimping them. Of course if all ya wanna do is get blowed up I could sit 60 km off and do it from there while you tried to close in on me 😉 Or I could drop a shield hardener for a warp disruptor to pretend I was in a pvp fit and do it from about 20 km too.

    Wonder how my Catalyst would do against a Rupture with blasters before they’re nerfed? Decisions decisions. . . .

  2. The ‘cane is a indeed a good ship, do not bother with the cousin of the Hurricane. The grid requirements almost mandate that the player train advance weapons upgrades, otherwise Power grid becomes and issue