Weekend Musical Break: Mott the Hoople

Watching (the US version of) Life on Mars;, I was surprised to hear Hoople’s ‘All the Way to Memphis’. I should not have been – it’s an iconic piece from the early 70’s – it’s just a little surprising that US TV producers thought to include a lesser-known track from what I would have thought they’d see as a very obscure band.

The band’s best-known track is of course today’s track. It was the (unintentional and inappropriate) anthem of the Glam Rock era, eclipsing even the writer’s own works.

The writer, of course, was David Bowie, who wrote the track for Hoople as an incentive for the commercially unsuccessful band to stay together and stick with it. Although the band would break up anyway eventually, the resulting album and single were smash hits.

About Bowie, of course, there is more to say.

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2 responses to “Weekend Musical Break: Mott the Hoople

  1. Bowie is a God.


    As to Hoople, after finding Bowie, I found “All The Way to Memphis”
    This album plus BoC were tantamount to my career as a drummer.
    A simple going to a friends house one day toting this album along and he had just bought a cheap used drum set.
    I threw this album on (Vinyl…oh yea!), and he proceeded to mangle it…badly.
    But, we all laughed, and then he said…”You wanna try it man?”

    Uh, ok. I knew NOTHING. Never had a lesson in my life, and found a hidden talent that day.
    A natural drummer, I persevered trying everything (BoC included), and then on one fateful day, a son of an Elvis Impersonator in our town asked me to come over and jam with him. His Dad was enamored with me, and the rest is history (mine anyways…)

    I played Career for 3 years…on the road…

    But, I will never forget who put me there…Ian, Mick, and the boys.

    OMG, I better stop reading these weekend posts…lol, I get all melancholy and weepy.

    Back to my post rock music!

  2. Wow! I have the Bowie version of this song, but I have never heard of Hoople. Thanks for putting together this weekend music series, it’s always a pleasure!