Travels and Mining

I am now posting from sunny Mexico, and practicing my meager Spanish as we continue to gear up for the project that’s starting on Monday. Languages left unpracticed are swiftly forgotten, and it’s been a while for me. Tomorrow and Monday in particular are likely to be muy largos días, if you know what I mean.

Internet connectivity is perfectly fine here, but I will not be blogging from work (the terminals at the plant are old and decrepit,) and the days may well be long enough that I will not much feel like playing after work.

The biggest hurdle, though, is crossing the border. On the way into Mexico it’s no problem – getting back into the US is a titanic, multi-hour hassle. I’m staying in Laredo, Texas, but the plant is in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, maybe ten minutes from the border. There’s some nice folks there, and very helpful when I needed some help getting my work visa and some other necessities.

Before leaving, I did get to take out Midnight Huntress (thus renamed), my shiny new Battlecruiser. The difference is huge, and I will be abandoning the Rupture as a mission-running vehicle promptly (as soon as I get back home and start running missions, pretty much.) Admittedly, the mission was not an incredibly challenging one, but neither was it one of the very easy ones – actually, it was a perfect test engagement.

I continue my slow progress toward Minmatar Industrials 4, and my dredging the market for skills well below standard prices has also paid off, so I’ll be training a few of those up over the course of the next couple of weeks as well. And training some of the miscellaneous support skills that I already have at 1 or 2 to something higher. Mining Upgrades is one of these – I’d like to get it high enough so that I can actually fit the Mining Laser Upgrade unit I have sitting in my hangar.

Tonight, I spent about an hour and a half mining in Resurgent Enterprise, using both the fill-your-hold-and-redock and jetcan-and-hauler methods. Net haul was about 2 million ISK worth of minerals. As long as I stick to Veldspar, I can make more money refining the stuff myself than selling the raw ore, at least where I am and at the moment. I sold some of the Tritanium, but I kept about a quarter million of it as well – the point being to get minerals to manufacture with rather than just to sell everything off. One Hoarder hold of Concentrated Veldspar is enough Tritanium for me to build about 10 Rifters.

I did buy another Hoarder until I can get the Mammoth up and going, named Waldo II. I swear, if I buy any more of these I’m going to start calling them things like Son of Waldo and Wrath of Waldo.

I have been wanting to find some extra music that fits with EVE to go along with the tracks in the game, which are excellent, but I’m tiring of some of them. One of CrazyKinux’s posts today this week had a link to a nifty act called AlienHand which fits very nicely.


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