Weekend Musical Break: David Bowie

With the birth of punk in the early 70s, rock began to split into two branches; one focused on simple, punchy songs and the other on ornate, sophisticated arrangemnets. Both would, at times, take these archetypes to the extreme, and even though the punk tradition won out on the music charts (because it’s easier to sell,) Prog never went away, either.

David Bowie was the poster child for Glam but, really, has often straddled the fence between the two halves of rock music. Indeed, he’d dabble in pop-infused rock eventually, and in post-punk alternative with Tin Machine.

This particular track is from the seminal 1972 concept album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

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4 responses to “Weekend Musical Break: David Bowie

  1. I LOVE that song! Oh, to have been there! It’s crazy, how the poor girl freaks out towards the end and the other girl at the very end yells to Mick,”Don’t stop, keep on playing!”
    Thanks! Bowie IS a rock god!