Steps Forward

In the last post I talked about hard decisions and finding comfort with them. Readers of this blog will of course recognize that I flit back and forth like a mayfly during much of my blogging history. Nevertheless, despite the diversion of the AoC and WAR releases, I have narrowed my list of ‘favorite’ MMOs down to only four: EVE, EverQuest II, Vanguard and City of Heroes (which is technichally only provisionally on the list, but which I expect to stay there.) I would love to narrow this further by eliminating one of the two fantasy titles, but I can’t bring myself to permanently break from either EQ2 or Vanguard, so there you have it.

I’m mildly interested in a few upcoming projects, of course; Spellborn, Champions Online and Runes of Magic, and if the Agency develops as I hope it will that may be added to that list as well. I have signed up for the betas of Spellborn and RoM; Champions Online I don’t expect to see for a while yet. My inclination, however, is to be extremely conservative with adopting new games, and to let them age a bit before partaking. This is particularly true of Champions Online, which is likely to be surpassed in most respects by City of Heroes for the forseeable future. Runes of Magic will at least be free to play, so I’ll be trying that right away.

There are also two other titles I have codes for and am awaiting the opportunity to activate: Tabula Rasa and D&D Online. The former is likely to get tried some time in the next six months, the latter will sit until I have a dedicated group to hit that game with. Tabula Rasa (which I tried and liked in a 3-day trial shortly after launch,) is a very promising game that I’m hearing has matured pretty well, and is making more progress with each passing month. Warhammer is on the table as well, but not right now – I will probably wait until the early part of next year to get back in, and if I find deserted zones and nothing going on, I’ll be out forever.

So that’s progress, anyway; I am making a serious effort to be more selective, and intend the four titles mentioned above to be my bread-and-butter for the forseeable future. Next on the table will thus be a StationPass return to EQ2 and Vanguard or the long-awaited excursion into City of Heroes.

To that latter end, yesterday I downloaded the CoH client onto the laptop and started a new trial to test it out. It does indeed run and, especially considering how terribly EQ2 runs on this very same laptop, it does so surprisingly well. I did no more than briefly test it, but it looks like it’ll hold up. So I will likely fool with that for the rest of the week.


2 responses to “Steps Forward

  1. Tabula Rasa and DDO are on my list after the moratorium.
    I finished up most quests in Fable 2, and only have side projects which will not take much time (finding certain items like keys to unlock a special chest, etc.)
    I have a console version of Conan which ended up being fun (i.e: AoC with a non-buggy engine and voice talent like Ron Perlman and Claudia Black)
    I also have so many single player RPG’s lined up like Witcher and Lost Odyssey, that TR and DDO will not be loaded up until I am really ready.

    If you had to really choose between EQ2 and Vanguard, it boils down to how you feel about instancing is all.
    I think EQ2 is a way better game and more interactive than Vanguard which seemed dry and boring. But load screens get on you after a while..

    I would have dropped Vanguard, you maybe should drop EQ2.

    Anyways, awesome news, and good to hear.

    Cheers mate

  2. My “favorite list” would have to be EVE and EQ2. I have a Station Pass for SOE, though, so VG and SWG are still installed and see the occasional play.

    If I had to make an “only 2” list though — EQ2 and EVE for me for sure.

    FWIW, I’ve tried WOW, LotRO, Guild Wars, and DDO also. My cousin keeps trying to get me to try CoX, and someday I even might, but until that day. . . . .