New to Paragon City

While I noted in the last post that City of Heroes does indeed run on this laptop, and even manages to still look pretty good in glorious 1280×800, it does not seem to want to be stable. It’s crashed on me quite a few times. I did some general disk cleanup and a thorough spyware search, and updated the video driver, but I don’t seem to have caught quite everything.

Aside from that, though, I’m having some fun playing on what will turn out to be my only free day down here in Extreme South Texas. I find City of Heroes generally fairly immersive, with cities and environments that generally feel pretty realistic. Except for the lack of voice within the game; I feel the lack of verbal stimuli. It’s also really fun just to move in the game (I can only imagine what it’s like at level 14, when you get access to powers like Flight and Superleap,) and UI and NPC responsiveness is some of the best I’ve seen.


My new character is up to 6th level, which really isn’t too bad; it means I can easily choose to pick up this account when I subscribe instead of the last one. His name is Doc Constellation, on the Freedom server, if anyone wants to look him up. Meanwhile, count on more talk about CoH this week.

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