A Goal for the Week

Some additional work with the laptop and minor tweaking of City of Heroes (turning down some of the graphics settings,) seemed to have made a difference; I played for sevral hours last night with some hitching but not real problems. Truthfully, I’m a little surprised that the things runs as well as it does.

Doc Constellation is up to level 8 and I’m pretty happy with him, but I’m stuck dead on the two missions I have right now; one asks me to find some doohickey in a cave complex, and while the cave is really cool and all, I’ll be damned if I can figure out where the damn gadget is. The other one asks me to go to the Hollows, and I couldn’t figure out how to do that. But I’ve looked that up and can get there from Atlas Park. The Hollows is a Hazard Zone, however (which basically means that its streets are considerably more dangerous than a typical city zone,) so I’m in no big hurry to rush there – maybe I’ll push up to level 10 first.

I already mentioned that moving in CoH is really enjoyable. Even unbuffed jumps can take you pretty high, there’s a universal sprint buff that costs a negligible amount of endurance, and at level 6 you can start getting travel powers. I chose Hover, which is the rudimentary version of Flight. Well, it is Flight, it’s just a lot slower and less cool looking. But it can take you anywhere that Flight can, which means the tops of the all but the tallest buildings. This will be damn impressive looking on my laptop at home, I think.

When you create a City of Heroes character, you choose two powers, one from a primary set and one from a secondary set; which sets are available depends on your archetype. At level 6 you unlock a third category, the power pools. There are a number of these pools, and they contain a bunch of significant or signature abilities; flight, invisibility, superspeed, superjump, and the like. For the travel powers, there’s a limited version available at level 6, and you can take the advanced, full version of the power at level 14. While technically these take up slots you could use to improve in your primary or secondary powersets, there is no way I would even consider not taking them. Even just Hover is incredibly handy.

My goal is to get to level 14 and unlock Flight. I think I can make that heppen this week. The Qunatum Rise patch for EVE comes down tomorrow – so I need to log in tonight and set a nice long skill a-training; I have several to choose from.

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One response to “A Goal for the Week

  1. Dang, the DT started a lot earlier than I thought it would. I’m lucky I logged in as early as I did in order to make my skill switch. Hopefully a 5-day skill will be long enough for the bugs to all get worked out 😉

    Plus I’ll be able to fly covops and EAS’s afterward too, so that’s a nice bonus.