Killing Time

I sat down last night to poke around a little with the new features in Quantum Rise, particularly the Certificates. I think this is a neat idea, although I think that the selection of certs available could probably use some fleshing out, and the Certificate Planner could be a bit easier to use. I was able to claim four certs, all of them basic.

What I can’t enjoy from here are the new graphics upgrades; those will have to wait until I get back home. I’m still training Drones to 5 from before the patch; that’s be done on Saturday, and having the ability to keep 5 drones out at a time will be a big help, I think. Plus Drones 5 opens up some specialized drone skills.

Today, I think, or maybe tomorrow, readers of this blog should see something that I hope they’ve been waiting for. It will be indicative of the direction I’ll be going once I’m back home and gaming regularly again.

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