Wrath, Heroes and Homecoming

Wrath of the Lich King releases today., or possibly at midnight last night. Congrats are due to Blizzard on what I’m sure will be the very successful release of their second expansion, and I hope that WoW players will enjoy new content that I’m sure will be well-designed and compelling.

That said, my mind is not changed – I still have no desire to return to World of Warcraft.

Last night I checked in on EVE, in which I’m still working toward Drones 5, and found that there’s a button to claim all the certificates for which you’re eligible. I got two more than I’d thought I had! This is a very nice ‘fluff’ feature; it’s be kind of cool if you could mail out a ‘resume’ to people, to show off and maybe for corp applications.

I also muscled through a couple of missions – both of those I’d been stuck on – in City of Heroes, reaching level 9. Looks like I will not be hitting level 14 this week, but there’s still today – I should have several hours after a short workday (only 8 hours! Normalcy FTW!)

Also, to reiterate again, movement powers in CoH rock. Somebody buffed me last night with something that enabled Superleap, and it’s really, really cool.

I get to go home tomorrow morning. I will probably not play much over the weekend except to monitor skills in EVE – my time is better spent with my wife after two long weeks away.

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