Spreading Myself Thin

I got some computer time in the wee hours last night, spreading it between a few different games.

In EVE, Drones 5 is firing in about two hours. I intend to spend at least one night this week running missions in my Hurricane.

In City of Heroes, Doc Constellation reached level 10. I have only four levels to go before getting Flight, but may not hit that in the time remaining in the trial. However, I will probably not use my 30-day code at this time, although I plan to spend at least a couple more hours in-game before it expires.

This is because I have reactivated my StationPass for access to EQ2 and Vanguard. I played a bit of the former over and quite a lot of the latter.

Vanguard’s Ranger seems to have been nerfed – although I am certainly rusty at the game, I had my ass handed to me by an even-level 3-dot mob, which is not the kind of thing that was happening to me before generally. Still, it’s good to be back, and I created a new character, a Kojani Disciple, on the Isle of Dawn, to really explore that content for the first time. I’ll be following the Crafting and Diplomacy paths on that character as well.

I am really enjoying being back in EverQuest II. I started a new character on Najena and hooked up with Stargrace‘s Nostalgia bunch, and thus far they are not only a fun group, but have a fabulous Tier 1 guild hall. The EQ2 guild halls are second to none in splendor – I hope to have some screenies soon.

I am finding that I am not enjoying the efiler all that much, although I’m reluctant to write the class off as early as level 9. I also made a Bruiser over there, and I’m enjoying that quite a bit more. I vaguely intend to move my focus of play to Najena, although I’m well-established on Antonia Bayle and don’t want to abandon that over there – we’ll see how far I get with these characters.

I don’t intend to keep all these games firing. I’ll be breaking from CoH at the end of the trial for at least a little bit, while I continue to enjoy EQ2 and Vanguard for the first time in a long while. But I’m not totally opposed on a purely money basis to keeping up an EVE subscription along with the StationPass. That’s my current plan.

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3 responses to “Spreading Myself Thin

  1. Heh. Which server did you start that Kojani DSC on? I’ve got one sitting on the IoD on Xeth, as well as a bunch of others. I haven’t hit up VG in too long, but I’m still working through adjusting to the changes in EVE this past week. Target painters seem to be pretty much required equipment on missileboats anymore, so I’m working up my admittedly poor TP skills now, plus I’ve got some more missile support skills that I’ve been putting off that now seem necessary.

    EQ2 expands on Tuesday, so I’m probably going to be focusing on it for the next couple of months, just letting skills burn in EVE. No idea if I’ll be doing much in VG, if anything.

    I wouldn’t write off the Defiler in EQ2 yet — at level 9 you still don’t even have your ward yet. That said…. I have a 56 defiler and it gets played in 1 circumstance only: a group in that level range spams “need a healer!” and I quite literally have nothing else I’d rather be doing on a different character. Considering I have 12 characters, you can probably imagine how often that actually happens. . . . It’s a really awesome group healer, but solo…. yawn.

    I’m sure you’ll love the bruiser. I have a monk that kinda bores me, tbh, but I still work it from time to time. I duo’d a fury up with a friend’s bruiser from the mid-teens to the high 60’s though, and that bruiser was downright amazing in what she could do. Granted, having me along helped, I would think, but even so — it appears to be a lovely class.

    Gratz on the new toons. If you ever get an inkling to make a toon on Befallen, I’d be happy to mentor you around with anything I’ve got — and I have at least 2 of each archetype, so I can do anything you’d need help with.

  2. It’s kind of nice to see that others have the same problem as I do. Spreading the time too thin, making the real advancement in any particular game next to impossible.
    I started my excercise this week: cutting out slack (browser games I play for habit), cutting waste (forum participation which comes from habit, not need nor enjoyment) and condensing the actual playing into meaningfull bits. Looking at that in writing I feel physically ill… that sounds like time management for work projects!

    But then again, when you are ‘serious’ about a hobby, it is like that. You focus in it.

    Go deep.