Maladies, EQ2 and Star Trek

I’m suffering from a very bad cold at the moment, bad enough that I stayed home from work today and yesterday. In theory, this should provide me with gaming time, and indeed I have jumped into EQ2 a number of times, but I don’t have the energy to stick with it for more than an hour or two.

That said, I am having quite a lot of fun with the Bruiser, despite the fact that his cooldowns take forever. I have kept the Defiler around but haven’t played him, and made a Conjuror, which I also haven’t played. I like the class, but I never got it all that far in my previous stints with the game.

There’s a balance to be sought in toggling your combat XP on and off, particularly in the early levels. You don’t want either to get too far ahead of the other. At this point I am sitting at level 14, with seven Achievements, which is probably a little high in the latter case.

The second trailer for the new Star Trek movie is out in Apple’s site. I for one have high hopes for this – I grew up on Star Trek but it has long needed this kind of reboot.


2 responses to “Maladies, EQ2 and Star Trek

  1. Hint: AGI 4-4-8 in your AA’s will help those cooldowns……

    I’ve played a little since the expansion’s come out, but I haven’t been to any of the new zones yet. Perhaps tomorrow. Sorry to hear about your cold.