A Server Conundrum

One of the things that Stargrace mentions in her post today is that the low-level community is much stronger over on Antonia Bayle than it is on Najena, where I’ve been playing EQ2 this time around (in large part due to Nostalgia’s presence on that server.) Antonia Bayle is, of course, where I focused my efforts in previous runs at the game, and despite still not having a level-cap character (or indeed a character anywhere close,) there, I’m much better-established, with five characters above 10th level (one above 35th) and three characters over tradeskill level 20, with plenty of chests and bags to go around, and a substantial reserve of harvestables in my shared bank slots. Antonia Bayle is also one of the highest-population servers generally, the community there is very active, and the markets were, last I looked, thriving. Antonia Bayle is also home to my highest-level EQ2 character, at level 38.

On the other hand, despite a couple of attempts to get a guild off the ground, I have no community support there. It’s been really nice to have people to talk to on Najena, doubly so because some of them are my blogging friends. Even so, I’m inclined to drop in on my various AB characters tonight and get a more accurate idea of where I stand there.

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One response to “A Server Conundrum

  1. With the recent changes to leveling speed, given playtime of about 2 hours per night, you could conceivably get a character to level 50 in about a month. Maybe even less time than that.

    So, if you choose to leave AB behind in order to play with friends on Najena, it shouldn’t take you very long at all to get back to where you were.

    You’ve got a friend on Befallen too, don’t forget 😉