It’s Official: Tabula Rasa to Close

An apparently official announcement states that Tabula Rasa willl be closing forever on February 28, 2009. While I’m not a Tabula Rasa player, this is a terrible shame. There was a good game there.

A couple of months ago, when this rumor came up, NCSoft denied it. Turns out they were lying. One wonders if this isn’t due to some kind of anti-Garriott backlash; it wasn’t clear to me that the game was doing that badly. But maybe it was, or maybe NCSoft’s standards of profitability are such that it just wasn’t making enough money. It’s certainly possible to keep MMOs going with small subscription bases and tiny development teams.

It’s unlikely to happen, but maybe we can hope for some kind of solution that keeps TR alive in some fashion. Also, hopefully the people who are currently working on TR will be placed elsewhere in NCSoft, my respect for which goes down for this move, but might go back up if they can at least treat their people in a decent way.


4 responses to “It’s Official: Tabula Rasa to Close

  1. Got my .96 copy ready to go.

    Two months play = how long I can stand to be in an MMO.

    Perfect way to return to MMO’s I think!

    (PS: sci-Fi is a death knell for MMO’s. EvE is ONE lucky game)

  2. Plus at the end I think you get 3 free months each of City of Heroes and Lineage II.

    There are a couple of other hangers-on like Anarchy Online. The problem with sci-fi MMOs, I think, is that they’re typically built around the mechanisms of fantasy MMO, and TR was not enough of an exception; it even has magic. I admire TR but am under no illusions that it isn’t as much an EQ clone as WoW or WAR. EVE was built as sci-fi from top to bottom, with no consideration for the EQ/DIKU model, and it’s benefited greatly from that direction.

    I doubt it’ll be a massive hit, but I think Jumpgate: Evolution stands a good chance of being a successful game for precisely this reason – it may even siphon some of the twitichier players away from EVE.

    I’m greatly disappointed in NCSoft, myself. I don’t think they did enough to try to save the game, and the efforts of the developers, who were moving the title in a positive direction, wen’t sufficient. It’s hard for me to accept that a transition to a microtransaction model couldn’t have turned this game around.

  3. I can agree very much with fantasy MMO mechanics with SciFi skin when we talk about Anarchy Online.

    I think Tabula Rasa has a lot of good elements in it, but I think it suffered from only doing a some parts of the game really good and some others were just bad and/or annoying.

    NCSoft has very much shifted focus from willing to experiement a lot with new types of MMOs and different models to focus ona few core games/resources. I do not think they are to willing to experiment too much now to save a game.