Stepping Back, Part Two

Every one of my established characters has an apartment. In every case, it’s the standard, one-room default apartment that everyone gets as part of the low-level housing quest. It has occurred to me at various times that I would like to upgrade this, at least for Friyja, who can in theory afford a two-room apartment, although making the kind of commitment to accumulating status is a bit scary. The notion I have long entertained, however, is to acquire housing in Maj’dul, when I get access to that area. This is now not far away – maybe six more levels or so.

I also did quite a bit of harvesting of Tier 4 stuff in Zek last night, getting all my harvesting skills (save Fishing, which I have long neglected) high enough (to 190) to harvest Tier 5 nodes, such as are found in Feerott and parts of Steamfont. Reading about the way Harvesting nodes spawn in older zones over on the ERQ2 Wiki leaves me feeling somewhat validated; I will occasionally skip over nodes that would be inconvenient to harvest, but my general practice is to wipe the area clean of everything. It is probably time for me to do the Tier 3 Crafting quest, which requires harvesting in Thundering Steppes, which I indend to make a thorough pass at soon anyway.

I also found a heretofore unseen by me Orc mine that was kind of cool to explore. I ended up leaving the mine by getting killed, but it’s always fun to find a new area, and in any event I have not explored all of Zek. Come to think of it, I have not totally explored any zone other than the starting zones – I’ve outleveled every one of my major progression areas well before exploring even close to the whole zone, even aside from areas protected by elite encounters and the like. I would like to gain another level in the Feerott (or maybe two depending on how fertile the contents of my quest journal seem at the time,) and then head to Lavastorm and Everfrost, both of which I’ve peeked at but not explored at all. The impression I have is that Sinking Sands and assocated evirons will have enough to do to keep me occupied for some time.

Returning to Antonia Bayle has renewed my investment in EQ2 and these characters that I had a long while back. I was having fun on Najena but I don’t have the same level of affection or attachment to any of the characters there, although my experience with the Bruiser has me thinking to try out a Monk as well.

The decision to focus on AB (I’m not abandoning Najena entirely – I have friends there,) makes me think about a guild. Ideally it’d be friendly to lowbies and cacsuals, maybe even a dedicated lowbie guild, if such a thing exists even temporarily. If figure if it does, AB’s where it’d be. I do have the guild that I’m in, the Unfettered Hand. But that’s long-dormant if not extinct, and while I could be the seed of a new guild, I don’t actually relish the idea of doing that myself, even aside from the time considerations. But there’s my bigger problem – my tendency to jump to some other game after a month or two. I don’t want to commit to a guild only to leave it in the lurch (I would feel bad about Leaving WAR and CoW, but that’s mitigated by the flood of others who also left around the same time.)

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