TSO Nabbed!

I didn’t have much time online last night, but I got two things accomplished nonetheless.

First, I briefly fired up Pirates of the Burning Sea, and played for about half an hour. It about meets my expectations, in that personal-avatar land action is almost indescribably lame, with sluggish controls and avatars about as attractive as EverQuest’s. It wasn’t a totally negative experience, in that you can actually do some fairly neat stuff with the character customizations and the quest dialogue is fairly well-done. When you switch to shipboard mode, though, the same sluggish controls become perfectly suited to the action, and it’s immediately obvious what part of the game the vast bulk of development effort went into. The ship combat is cool, interesting and contains just enough real age-of-sail detail to make it seem authentic without overburdening it with O’Brian-esque minutiae.

Still, this is not something I can see myself playing. If at some point in the future it becomes available to StationPass subscribers who haven’t bought the still-overpriced retail box, I may fool with it some more on an occasional basis, but for the kind of game this thing looks to be best at, I already have EVE.

Secondly, I picked up The Shadow Odyessey at the local Best Buy. I’d been planning to wait, but… well, I had the money and I was there. Why not? I activated it, hopped in game to /claim a couple of the goodies, but didn’t really have time to do much else at that point.

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