Weekend Play

Last night I did some housekeeping in EVE, and I stayed up into the wee hours on Saturday night playing EQ2, accomplishing a numbner of things.

First off, Friyja hit level 40. This is a significant milestone. I did it by questing in the Feerott, and departed there shortly thereafter. Porting back to Qeynos and the broker, I upgraded a large number of combat arts to Adept Is, most of which I was able to do for less than 8g. I also upgraded my kit completely to level 40 stuff, except for the boots which I was unable to buy off the broker. She can theoretically make these items herself, but her crafting level is now well behind her adventuring level and I’m not at all looking forward to grinding through 13 tradeskill levels – I probably have the supply of carbonite to push one crafter into Tier 4, but not two, and spending another few hours harvesting in T3 is not especially high on my priority list at the moment. All this cost Friyja a little over a plat, which I think is a pretty good price, but it leaves me with a mere handful of gold remaining.

A bunch of the provisions that Rantry put up on the broker sold – he now has a nice little pouch of gold that should be enough to keep him in Provisioning supplies for the near future. He does need better bags, but I have a tailor for that, at least in theory.

I cleared out the deadwood in The Unfettered Hand, which was unfortunately everybody but myself – nobody else had logged in for well over 150 days. The Guild is at level 10, which is a decent headstart. I am tempted to try to get it started again; a number of things are neccessary to make that happen, but nothing insurmountable. If anyone reading is interested in joining (remember, it’s on Antonia Bayle,) leave a comment here or send me a tell in-game.

I am not playing much Vanguard – I only got in for a short while last week – but that’s becuase I’m having quite a lot of fun in EQ2, so it’s not a bad thing. I have activated my Seeds of Destruction code and gotten EQ patched up and ready to go, so I may dabble in that as well – I am probably done with Pirates of the Burning Sea for the forseeable future, possibly forever. I just don’t have even a little bit of enthusiasm for it.

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4 responses to “Weekend Play

  1. All my characters are on AB. I am not playing at the moment of course but it is good to know there is a new guild there I could come back to. I think I have a 40,38,30 and a 26

  2. I’m working up a detailed page and charter even now – it will be totally casual and modeled after a couple of the very strong guilds I’ve been in, of which CoW is one. Should you hop in-game, send me a tell!

  3. Hmmm…

    My level 61 is also on AB. I am on my last chapter of Witcher, and depending how long that takes, I may stop in also.

    As to Casual, that was the best thing about EQ2, totally casual.


  4. EQ2 is a wonderful game played casually, and when a thriving, active guild facilitiates that, it really fires on all cylinders.

    Official announcement pending.