Weekend Business

Friyja reached level 47 late Saturday night. This is my highest level acheivement to date in any MMO. Much of the second of the two levels I gained was from discovering new areas in Maj’dul, which I got to poke around in for the first time. It’s a neat place, although somewhat dangerous. Three factions, called Courts, rule the city, and doing missions for one of them reduces your standing with the other two. Right now my standing with the Court of Truth is low enough (after doing only a few of the missions that change status,) that their NPCs are hostile to me.

I feel like I am moving really quickly, and the thing is that I’m not playing all that much – I’ve put 11 (ish) hours into EQ2 this week, and gained about 8 levels. Admittedly, someting like 90% of this time was spent doing leveling content. The remainder of the time was spent leveling up my Fishing score, which I had log ignored and which was still in the 20s, me not having done any Fishing at all after I arrived in Antonica. So I spent an hour or two wandering around that zone looking for Fishing nodes. I’m up to about 110 now, which is still way below where I would like to be, but it’s progress.

The Unfettered Hand also welcomed its first new recruit. The process continues and I will keep recruiting until a solid core is present and active; my goal for this week will be to get some recruitment announcements posted in some visible places.

Around the holiday season just about every year, I get the nostalgic impulse to do some old-school roleplaying. And I’m not talking about EverQuest here – I’m talking about Dungeons & Dragons. That urge is present in full force at the moment, although noting will probably come of it. One of my tabletop group did suggest, however, that we do a Christmas one-shot of AD&D first edition, for which I still have the books and could probably still run at the drop of a hat, even though it’s something I haven’t played in probably 20 years. We’ll see. I did drop by the local Half Price Books and picked up some Forgotten Realms books on the cheap; maybe this will sate the urge, and maybe it won’t.

I am still an active tabletop RPG player after all this time. I don’t play as much as I did at my peak, when I could be counted on to be involved in a game at least two nights a week, but I still manage most Sunday nights. Right now we are playing Ars Magica, which has been the staple of my group for the last several years; next on the slate is probably going to be a game of the new edition of Traveller from Mongoose Publishing, one of my old favorites (of which I retain a very substantial collection built over many years.)

Expect to see a bit more about tabletop roleplaying in this space; it’s something I had flirted with starting a dedicated blog for, but never managed to get any serious posting done about, so I’m folding that into Ardwulf’s Lair. The focus of the blog will still be MMOs, of course, but consider yourself warned.

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