Actual play. Imagine that!

Not as much as I would have liked, but some. In about an hour and a half, I reached level 48. It’s been taking me, on average, about two hours of solid questing play to get a level, but this tends to slow down some at the upper end of the questing in a given zone, to which I appear to be nowhere close in Sinking Sands.

Afterwards, I wound down with a bit of Audiosurf, which I hadn’t played in some time and which fills in nicely for stuff like Rock Band, that I don’t have.

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2 responses to “Actual play. Imagine that!

  1. Yeah, SS should have quests to take you to 52-ish, IIRC. Then from there you can hit either Pillars of Flames (to take you near 60) or to Lesser Faydark (which tbh, might get you to about 56). but then you also Have Tenebrous Tangle which starts at 55 too, and you can do the solo quest lines in Barren Sky by 58-ish, if you know what you’re doing 😉 On to Loping Plains from there, then coast on in to Kunark by 68-70. You probably do’t want to hit Moors of Ykesah until at least 75, though. I’ve got my Inquisitor in there at 73, and it’s quite challenging, while my 80 coercer’s kinda yawning her way through for the AA.

    Dont forget Everfrost in your current level range, though. The quest hubs are for up to level 52-ish, so you’ve got plenty of stuff there too.

    48’s a bit high for Steamfont, but there’s a pretty long story-based questline there for about 38-45, so you’re not too far over it if you want to head there for more AA too.

  2. Kunark is good from 65 to 80 also. I’d stick around in Loping Plains as long as possible though, since once you get to Kunark the monsters start hitting a LOT harder.