No More WAR

Not a terribly huge amount was accompished last night; I gained about half a level. But I did turn in a long-building pile of status items, inching the guild a bit farther toward level 11, and made a couple of trivial gear upgrades on the broker. I also bought some loose collectables that I needed – I now have all of seven completed collections, which really doesn’t sound all that impressive when you say it.

After having seen the available apartments in Maj’dul, I’m much less tempted to set up housing there. It’s nice, but it’s really no nicer than what’s available in Qeynos. I project that I’ll start seriously looking at a housing upgrade around level 55 – I’m just now starting to take in the kind of money (in loot) that make me feel comfortable making substantial weekly rent payments. Further time invested in housing will neccessarily mean some time invested in my carpenter, who is semi-competent already. But then, I generally need to get back to crafting anyway.

With the Knight of the Blazing Sun and Blackguard now in WAR, am I tempted to go back? Not a bit. Okay, maybe a bit, but really not very much. I’m much more tempted to stick with my nice friendly StationPass and have fun with two of my three Games of Choice. At this poin (and I’m not saying this cannot change,) I can’t see very many scenarios that entail me returning to WAR. If an expansion eventually comes, out, maybe, but even then, in the final analysis, I think that both Age of Conan and LotRO are better games. And I’m not going back to either of them anytime soon, either.

There is allegedly some kind of big DDO news on the horizon, but I’ve been hearing that for a while, and every time the news actually comes out it turns out to be not all that big. I have a hope that it’ll either be a major expansion or companion game, but I don’t think either is very likely. More likely is some kind of change in the business model; a shift to a free-to-play/microtransactions model, or some kind of hybrid of that and a traditional subscription. Another rumor is that DDO will be coming to consoles, but I see that as really very unlikely; Turbine’s update/patch system doesn’t fit with either the PS3 or 360 online update models, and I doubt very seriously that Turbine has the leverage to force a console version though despite that.

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3 responses to “No More WAR

  1. Recently Turbine purchased the rights to several graphics engine systems, with Havok and Umbra, a culling system (used in Age of Conan)
    There has also been discussion of some console game on the horizon.

    But, is DDO the right game? I think it could be.

    The controls are very joystick/controller friendly (last time I played, I was able to go through the game without touching the keyboard, thanks to voice chat, and my 360 pad)
    But, like you said, DDO is always on the horizon of big news…but, I do know the hirelings are in full usability mode this week (patching in Wednesday I think), and DX10 has been enabled..
    I would so play the game if it were micro transaction or lowered fees or free.
    I still have my box, and will keep you updated when I might try it out, then we can see if it is worth it or not..

    As to WAR, I am with you, and I think the station pass is the right move for now.
    I have been enjoying my TR time, and I guess it is good to just be happy with what we have, eh?

  2. I would not be surprised if DDO moves to some form of free-to-play model. And it would certainly get me in there again. For reasons expressed in the last post, however, I’m leery of microtransactions. And in DDO’s case, it’s hard to imagine the game could make a big enough splash with that kind of change to get enough people interested to make a Guild Wars pay expansion model viable.

    I think DDO could be a very console-friendly game. But both the XBox and PS3 online services require certification of each and every patch/update, which is frequently said by developers to be both time-consuming and a major hassle. SOE, since they’re part of Sony, might be able to get around this kind of mandate, but Turbine isn’t.

    Still, DDO is a game that’s very much on my radar, so it’s something I’m keeping an eye on. I have noticed that there is a new retail box on store shelves now. That may imply that Turbine is getting ready to do another marketing push, which I think DDO could use and is ready for.

  3. DDO’s pace and action-based combat would fit the console, as well as fitting a console’s limited RAM since the game is fully instanced. But look at how many hotbars you have to have up in DDO. I’ve said before that my level 7 (now 8) wizard has the same number of hotbars that my raiding characters did in WoW and I’ve got 8 more levels worth of spells and gear to go still. Plus inventory management. I don’t see them refitting DDO with a new UI system so consoles can handle all the spell/gear switching that goes on. I also seem to recall Turbine saying they’d rather develop a game for consoles than redesign an existing game.

    They might surprise me in the end, but I just don’t see DDO coming to consoles.