As mentioned in last week’s post, my employer has seen fit to extend my contract until the end of January. At minimum, this means a good deal more breathing room and a lot of pressure taken off for the holidays. But also, to survive the year-end cuts is a milestone in and of itself; I’ll be on the books anyway in the new fiscal year, and it may well therefore be easier to stay onboard until the late summer, as per my original plan.

As some readers may know, I work in the automotive industry. This brings with it many troubles (especially in the current climate,) but one of the benefits is the holiday shutdown; typically from shortly before Christmas to shortly after New Years’, typically for two weeks. In my case, since I’m a contractor, this is unpaid, but that’s not a problem for me, since we planned ahead for it. Last year, the two weeks afforded me a lot of time for gaming, mostly spent in Vanguard. This year, I would like to get some serious progress made on a couple of the writing projects I have in the pipeline at the moment, but I will still probably spend some significant time with various games; EQ2, Vanguard, and probably Mass Effect.

I cleared a major milestone very late Saturday night in hitting level 50, in Everfrost. Obviously, this is as high as I’ve gotten in any MMO (depending on how one counts WoW, which was capped at 70 when I last played.) Even with 30 levels to go, I’m starting to feel like the cap is really within reach for the first time. I may attempt a serious push over the shutdown, unless the holiday flying mount returns to Vanguard; if so, I will likely push hardest there.


2 responses to “Onward

  1. Enjoy your vacation!

    I’m getting married on Friday, then taking a long road trip next week, plus I don’t get any extra time off other than the Christmas and New Year holidays, so…. the road trip will be a lot of driving in a short time, that’s for sure. It also means I won’t be playing much if at all over the holidays.

    Time to set a long skill in EVE…. And in EQ2 it doesn’t matter 😉