Holiday Gaming Plan

I have had a lot of time wrapped up in various holiday preparations this week, and have had zero time for gaming so far, although I’ve found a little time to get some writing done. Nevertheless, all that stuff is nearing completion, and I lok forward to getting back into some gaming after Christmas, and during the long shutdown.

As part of the holiday Festival of Gloriann, Randolph the flying reindeer mount is returning to Vanguard. He’s probably already in-game, but I haven’t managed to log in in a week or so. I plan to make a major push after the holiday with Ardwulf – flying is hugely helpful in efficient questing, especially in Vanguard.

I also jumped into the Open Beta of Runes of Magic. It’s… pretty limp, I think. But it is free to play, so I may well dabble some more in it.

I have been tagged in the latest pernicious blooger meme by Jaggins and Manasi; I’ll answer for myself, but I’m not going to tag anybody else. Nevertheless, here are seven random facts about me. Join in on your own blog if you like.

1. I have brewed my own beer and mead, and will again. I also do leatherwork and made a brigandine coat for myself.

2. I loathe anime, largely because of the foolish idea we have in the US that all Japanese animation is awesome highbrow stuff. Sturgeon’s Law applies to it like it does anything else; the vast majority of it is tripe. Obviously, genuinely excellent examples do exist.

3. I spent about two years working for a retail game store near Cleveland, Ohio. I also spent six years, mostly during my High School and college years working as a butcher. Yes, I can de-bone a chicken.

4. I have been reading science fiction and fantasy since before I can remember, and have been a tabletop gamer since May 5, 1981 (my tenth birthday.) MMOs are to tabletop RPGs as a limp L. Sprague de Camp pastiche is to “The People of the Black Circle.” I am a huge geek.

5. I never graduated from college, but if I could do it over again, I would major in Physics.

6. I have a tribal tattoo on my left bicep. Midlife crisis arrived early for me.

7. My favorite Christmas song is “We Need a Little Christmas” from the Broadway musical Mame. The version of this song from the film headlined by Lucille Ball is inferior.

5 responses to “Holiday Gaming Plan

  1. I like the meme…maybe I will throw one on my blog also.
    As to Runes of Magic, man, you say you don’t like Anime, and that is what RoM is…an Anime WoW, except more dull…
    Christmas cheer to you bud, and hope all goes well in the New Year.

  2. Brewing beer is so much fun! My greatest creation ever was a crisp golden ale that came out perfect. I eventually had to stop brewing my own beer, because I drank too many extra calories…

  3. I did get a four degree, but I want to go back and get another in Physics. Is it odd that my first was a BFA in computer animation?