The Band is Back…

The break is over and I’m back. Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable holiday season.

From a gaming perspective, this went rather differently than I’d thought they would. I imagined that once we were in the post-Christmas wind-down I would while away many hours in EQ2 and Vanguard. That never really hapenned, even though I did fool around a little with both games. Now, after basically three weeks away from MMOs, I wonder if I want to go back. I filled my leisure time working on tabletop stuff instead, and will probably have something to say about that soon.

One Christmas gift, thanks to the wonders of the Gift Card, was Rock Band. Now, I don’t have a current-gen console, so this is Rock band for the PS2, and I can assure you that it’s significantly less awesome than it is on the PS3. It is fairly awesome nevertheless, and I got it for the relative steal of $89.99 at Best Buy. I almost bought Guitar Hero III for the PC instead – until I noticed that the price on Rock Band wasn’t much more. Glad I went the way I did, and Mrs. Ardwulf seems to be enjoying it as well.

Frighteningly enough, I appear to be actually getting kind of good at the game. Not awesome, of course, and after a couple hours of playing the notes start to melt my brain. But I can at this point muddle through pretty much any song I’ve unlocked so far on medium difficulty.

I’ve owned a PS2 for years but have played it very little for a long time, despite having a decent little stack of games for it, including a couple of the GTA series (GTAIII and Vice City,) along with one of the Medal of Honor titles (I forget which one, but it has the Omaha Beach landing in it) and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. Mrs. Ardwulf also owned a PS2, so we have two in the house, and they’ve been sitting in a box in the closet since we moved; we had some people over from time to time at the old place, so I had set one up even though we hardly touched it. This time around I had a murderous time finding the power and video cables, and then had some trouble routing the damn thing through the cable box. Everything did turn up in time, however, and by about midnight on the 3rd of January I had Rock band up and running.

The campaign mode in the PS3 version (and presumably the 360 version as well,) is much more elaborate than it is in the PS2 version, in which you just play songs off the list and gradually unlock more stuff. You can design your own band members, hire managers and marchandise people and the like, and buy clothes and fancy instruments and stuff. The characters in the PS3 version are what I miss the most on the PS2, but I think I can live with that. I can also buy Rock Band 2, or the song packs, for the PS2 version, and don’t need to spring for the big expensive version with the instruments again. But the first one ought to keep me busy for a little while.

One response to “The Band is Back…

  1. Welcome back…
    And isn’t it funny that the longer you leave an MMO alone, the less you wish to go back?

    Sad, but true. This year ought to be quite interesting indeed.

    Happy New Year!