The Itch Returns

I continue to rock your shizznat in Team Fortress 2. I’m at the point where I generally have more kills than deaths (and that’s solo kills, not assists,) for any given session of play, playing mostly the Heavy and Pyro, with a sprinkling of other classes. I actually played some Medic over the weekend on one of the Toyfort maps and had a bit of fun with it, getting a large number of assists thanks to a preponderance of Heavies in the mix combined with generally good cover in the map layout.. Hell, I actually played some Scout over the weekend and had fun with that. I died a great number of times, since the glass is too twitchy for me to be very good at playing it, but the double jump makes for some fun stuff.

I’m getting itchy to play an MMO action again, so I got Runes of Magic patched up over the weekend and spend an hour or so in that. I’d last fooled with it shortly after the open beta began and it’s noticeably improved since then. It’s still kind of flat, but it appears to be moving in a good direction. I have a Priest up to level 7 tooling around the starter area. RoM is pretty comparable to WoW from a graphical standpoint, with a similar art style and a generally responsive control scheme. The early quests are pretty uninteresting, though – to this point I’m not sure I’ve killed anything but wolf cubs and mushroom men – and I feel like the lack of race options curtails character customization, although in terms of the sheer number of appearance options and sliders, RoM’s customization within the human type blows WoW away.

But like I said, it’s still fairly flat. So the other option I’m looking at is Lord of the Rings Online. Not because I love it as a game so much as because I happen to have a retail box sitting on the shelf awaiting activation. There is a Casualties of WAR group active on the Landroval server, which helps, although they’re somewhat farther along in the game than I would be starting fresh. I’m still thinking about it – I installed and patched it up over the weekend, and it’s ready to go whenever I decide to pull the trigger.

Financial circumstances dictate that I not pay for anything at this point, so I’m sticking with free stuff.

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3 responses to “The Itch Returns

  1. Wizard 101 has a perpetual free trial. Atlantica Online is free with an item shop for convenience items. Puzzle Pirates can be played completely free. I’d recommend those off the top of my head for MMO games.

    I’ve been prowling Kongregate for a while now, though, and there are some fun Flash games there, if you just want to dabble.