Deal Alert!

As everybody remotely connected in some way to computing knows, Circuit City is going out of business. That means sales. In this case at the moment, PC games are 20% off retail across the board, brand-new stuff possibly excepted. That means that a 60-day time card for, say, Warhammer Online that would normally cost around $30 now costs around $24. Meaning that if you buy two of them, you get four months of subscription, but pay for about three of them.

This is all academic for those of us without at least $24 plus tax in spendable cash laying around. On the other hand, any hypothetical person sitting on hypothetical Circuit City gift cards had better use them now.

I would expect the discount to go up as the SS Circuit City slips farther beneath the waves, but I also expect they have already made an arrangement with some remainder distributor, so there’ll be a floor to the price. And I would also expect that such things as time cards will vaporize pretty quickly.

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