Back in the Saddle

Installing and patching an MMO up to current seems to take quite a lot longer than doing the same for a conventional game. In WAR’s case, I had uninstalled it in the wake of unsubscribing, with the idea of installing it fresh from disc when I came back – I was running the patched beta client the whole time with relatively few problems. Account renewal went smoothly, and the reinstallation process took about three hours from start to finish, during which Mrs. Ardwulf and I went out to dinner. When we got back it was ready to go, so I got maybe 90 minutes of play in.

I had transferred Einfeuer, my Bright Wizard, and Khalen, my Ironbreaker, to the Badlands server some time back. None of my other Order characters qualified for transfer, but then none of them had gotten very far along, so that’s really not a big deal. Einfeuer at rank 22 was pretty much alone in High Pass. No open groups, and very few other players running around, even at the warcamp. I ran a Tor Anroc scenario (is it just me or has this battleground been graphically reworked?) but things weren’t looking very good. Fortunately, I’m informed that there’s a twice-a-week CoW group of alts that happens to be around my level.

I also made a new character – a Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Empire starting area was much more heavily populated – there were even people running the Chapter 1 and 2 PQs. I ran a couple of rounds of Nordenwatch and had him up to rank 4, renown 3 before it was time for bed.

There appears to be a few more quests than there were when I left, and performance seems tweaked upward a bit – although it could use some more work in heavy RvR. Plus the two new classes; I played a Knight and stomped a couple of Blackguards into the dirt.

Whenever I return to a game after an absence, especialy if the absence is lengthy, I always tend to start a new character instead of jumping right back into the old main. So I’ll probably play a bit more of the KotBS before hopping back on Einfeuer next week, in time for the Cow affair on Monday night.

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6 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Oh, I will take up my main (Einfeuer) again, no doubt. I just usually start a new character and play around with that for a few sessions to re-acclimate myself to the game. When the Choppa and Slayer show up, I will probably give them a whirl. WAR accomodates, at least in principle, having characters in different tiers and even characters filling multiple roles in the same tier, so I can see value in having reasonably established alts. Hopefully by the time the new classes come out I will at least have Einfeuer in Tier 4 so I can get in on whatever action’s going on at that level. I am content with slow and steady progression.

    Plus, one of the nicest things about WAR is that pretty much every class is actually fun to play. I like some more than others, of course, but there aren’t any careers that I’d call lame.

    Activity in Tier 1 still seemed fairly robust last night. No doubt I’ll have more commentary on that after a few more days back in game.

  2. I don’t know if it’s because I never uninstalled my Warhammer client from the open beta, but I find it a bit irritating that I can’t patch the client without a valid subscription.

    I was a bit bored the other day, so I went through and attempted to patch all my clients up to date. LOTRO took all night. Guild Wars was pretty quick, but I guess there haven’t been major updates since the last time I played. My WoW client obviously is up to date, but I suspect it would take at least an hour or two to do a clean re-install. I also downloaded the EQ2 trial, which was literally an all-night operation. Warhammer? No idea, because I couldn’t get past the login screen to find out.

    Point being, if the install is physically going to take the rest of the night, then the clock shouldn’t start ticking on my bill period. It’s a small amount of money to screw me out of, but not the best foot on which to restart a business relationship. It’s not like I can use my newly updated Warhammer client for any other purpose than resubscribing to the game.

  3. Yeah, I totally agree with that. The WAR installation and patching process went pretty fast for me (like I said, under three hours,) but as far as I’m concerned my paid time shouldn’t be expiring until I’m at least ready to actually play. I try to keep all the MMOs on my hard drive updated at least intermittently.