Fiat RvR!

At about 9:30 PM EST I sat down to play some Warhammer last night, and got in about an hour and a half. Interestingly, server population on Monolith was Medium for both factions, so I scrapped my original plan – to make a Destro character on Pheonix Throne to see how things were going over there – and jumped onto Monolith instead, to play Gjallarbjorn, my Marauder.

For the entire 90 or so minutes, no scenarios fired in Tier 1. This would have been again frustrating save that there was some decent Open RvR going on up in the Festenplatz/New Emskrank area, which I got involved in. It wasn’t hewavily populated with combatants, but there was about half a warband or so of people on each side, which is actually a pretty ideal number when you’re talking about Battlefield Objectives that are out in the open.

The Marauder is not the ideal guy for this kind of skirmish PvP, but I did okay anyhow. By the end of the night I was at rank 7, renown rank 3 and starting to get into some pretty interesting abilities – this being the highest I have gotten a Maruader.

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