Job Woes and Triumphs

I’ve been on what I call the ‘contractor treadmill’ for several months now. What happens is that as the end date of my contract approaches, I hear nothing until the last two days, at which point I’m informed that I’ve been extended.

This time around, End Date -2 arrived and I was told there was no chance of an additional extension. I so informed Mrs. Ardwulf to that effect last night, and she was actually less stressed about it than I was, surprisingly.

Today, End Day -1, I have been informed that I’m extended for March. This is great news, obviously, but the treadmill is starting to grate, big time.


5 responses to “Job Woes and Triumphs

  1. I just got off that treadmill myself, but I’m a lucky SOB lately.

    Personally, when it came to the end of my original contract, I just showed up for work and didn’t ask any questions 🙂

    Good luck out there.

  2. I think I’ve heard a study somewhere that the people who don’t get laid off but think that they could be (espec if your company has multiple rounds of layoffs) actually have more stress than the people who got laid off in the first place. Sorry to hear that’s coming true in your case.

  3. @Green Armadillo
    You can say that again.
    I also am a contractor, but I am an indefinite. It means I have no end date. I have been with this group for more than 5 years…lol.
    But, this year is bad. We are a non-profit. This also means we need to raise cash. You know what it is like raising cash in a recession?…hehe.

    I have noticed chest pains just this past week….

    Anyways, thanks to the fact that a lot of people we deal with are also getting old, this means we can do “extended” planning…i.e: Get the cash when they die.

    Yea…talk about depressing work for me..

    Anyways, Ard, I am glad it is still on, just hope for the best, and keep slamming away a stipend…that is my latest goal!


  4. Best of luck with the job situation. Contractor hell is indeed just that, a hell given how much of a roller coaster the situation can be.

    Best wishes to you and your better half.