MMOs & Mishaps

Last night I cut my right middle finger down to the bone on a tuna can lid as I was trying to compress the trash. I refused to go to the emergency room for it, despite the urgent entreaties of Mrs. Ardwulf. I did agree to go have it looked at today after work. It’s a pretty bad cut, and might well require a couple of stitches. Right now it’s being held closed by a couple of butterfly banadges and held rigid by a splint so I don’t split it open flexing my finger.

I updated both WAR and Runes of Magic last night to the current patch levels, in anticipation of getting some play in over the weekend. My time has pretty much been consumed by work and other projects for a couple of week, but I’m getting an itch again. I would like to try Darkfall, but I’m not willing to put up with the headache of trying to get in right now. It’ll keep for a few weeks, although the game may have turned to garbage by then, devolving into a pure gankfest, which I won’t have much patience for. I don’t have any illusions about Darfall being a “big hit”, of course. But I’d like to poke at it a bit.

Typing short a finger really sucks, by the way. Writing by hand is even worse.


3 responses to “MMOs & Mishaps

  1. Ouch 😦 Hope they can fix you up at the hospital. I’m kinda agreeing with Mrs. Ardwulf — you should have gone when it happened.

    Feel better soon!

  2. You accomplished exactly what the hospital would have done. The only question they would have asked is whenyour last tetanus shot was. I hope you irrigated it under hot water for a couple minutes. Super glue also works well in absence of bandages. That’s a two person job though if it’s a hard to see spot on your finger.

    -coppertopper, veteran of the ’08 turducken finger slicing incident

  3. I did end up getting a tetanus shot, but apparently it’d closed up well enough that no stitches are required, as long as certain precautions are taken. Total cost was under $130, which is lots less than what I’d have paid at the Emergency Room.