Blood, Watching the Watchmen, and Other Stuff

A visit to the doctor on Friday revealed that I did not, in fact, need stitches – just a tetanus shot and a cleaning and some warning about keeping the finger clean and dry and I was on may way, $126 poorer. This was much less than an ER visit would have cost.

After that, Mrs. Ardwulf and I went to see Watchmen. I’m still stewing over it, but overall I think it was a positive experience, and worth seeing. I do think that there were some things in the movie that just didn’t work, like the over-the-top gore and, unfortunately, Dr. Manhattan. If you are hesitating about seeing it, go – Rorschach alone makes the movie worth seeing. Haley’s performance is spot on, in or out of the mask. Everybody else is pretty much at least okay, although the dialogue and delivery (much of it directly from the comic) is sometimes wooden. As noted, the movie did not really sell me on Dr. Manhattan – I though Billy Crudup’s voice was way too soft, and the CGI Doc himself looked pretty phony in the very first scene he’s in.

We missed most of the trailers before the film, since we arrived late. One of these, which I caught later at home, was the new promo for J. J. Abrams’ upcoming take on Star Trek. I’m not sure how good the movie will be, although I’m looking forward to it, but the trailer is terrific. It’s so good that it will be hard for the film to live up to.

Absolutely no PC gaming was done over the weekend, and I even had to turn down Rock band because of my injured finger. But we did have our usual Sunday night Ars Magica game, which went pretty well. We are at a crucial point for my character, exploring an old Covenant whose last Magus has just died, and which holds some important knowledge that my character is interested in.

Another weekend project was moving Mrs. Ardwulf’s desk and PC into the upstairs loft where mine has been. This was a bigger job than it sounds like, involving moving several bookcases upstairs in addition to both computers and desks, and chairs and other stuff. But it’s done, and I’m glad to have it done.

I have another blog HERE which I’ve been writing on intermittently, focused on my various tabletop projects. After some consideration, I am mostly merging that blog into this one. So I’m going to be talking more about tabletop stuff in this space, moving forward. Very specific project-related stuff will stay at the other place.


One response to “Blood, Watching the Watchmen, and Other Stuff

  1. I disagree with your take on Dr. Manhattan voice. I think they could have gone way overboard and made him sound like a godlike figure (which he practically is), but they went a different route and made him sound like a scientist whose ability to relate to humanity was slipping away. Almost a resigned indifference to it all.

    I dunno. It’s hard to explain how I felt about that. My big problem with Manhattan was the CGI mouth. Why can’t these artists ever get the mouth part right? They can pretty much map everything else perfectly, but the mouth…nope.

    Haley’s Rorschach was just pure awesomsauce. I don’t think they could have picked another actor for it. Amazing performance.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)