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It’s about time for me to do some MMO gaming again.

I am currently subscribed to Warhammer Online, but I haven’t touched it in about two weeks other than to keep it patched. Two new classes (Slayer and Choppa) are coming in next Tuesday, and I will definitely check those out.

I have signed up on the Darkfall website but haven’t purchased the game yet. I admit to curiosity about the long-term impact of Adventurine’s approach to managing high demand. It’s tough to make the call of “we won’t take your money yet,” but that may lead to greater long-term stability. I do forsee some changes getting made to safe zones and the like as time goes on. I would like to try the game but am willing to wait until things settle down.

I re-installed the World of Warcraft client last night. Yeah, I know. If nothing else, there is now a universal installer that manages the download, and it was lees painful than the old way of doing things, even though it still took quite a while. I have not yet signed up, but it’s probable I will make that leap in the next week or two.

I still have EQ2 and Vanguard on the hard drive, and won’t be uninstalling them. Both games seem a bit… much right now, though. I am not currently wanting a rich, full-featured and demanding MMO – another reason I’m willing to wait for Darkfall. WoW (and for that matter WAR, the way I play it,) can be approached in a laid-back way.

EVE Online’s Apocrypha expansion goes live today. I admit to not being very excited about Tech 3 stuff I won’t be able to afford, but I do have a little tickle to see the new fancy asteroids. It’ll keep, and I will sign back in sooner or later.

I have Runes of Magic launches officially next week. I believe some additional content in going in with the launch, so I’m inclined to wait for that; the game as it stands in “beta” is not bad and seems to have a pretty solid mechanical infrastructure, but it’s not terribly compelling either. Still, it’s free, so I’m never going to state unequivocally that I won’t be playing it.

On the non-MMO front, Empire: Total War is now available and I had to resist buying in on Steam last night. I am very tempted – but at the same time I know that I would not get 20 hours of play out of it, which is my benchmark for games I spend $40+ on. I like games with people in them, and while it does have a multiplayer option, it’s just not the same. The only exception to this has been Team Fortress 2, but even that’s lost a little shine of late.

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  1. I’m looking forward to apocrypha if only for the new graphical effects in combat. Someday I’ll look at T3 (I can actually fly it already, but will definitely be waiting for prices to drop 1st), but for now — I’m just happy with the removal of the 30 second timer between swapping ships in your hangar. And the new effects look nice. And the new ‘roids. Etc etc etc.