WAR Merges Servers in Attempt to Not Suck

There’s rather gigantic news that Mythic is merging forty low-population servers. Forty. The merges affect every server except for Phoenix Throne. Two notes:

1) I haven’t seen the detailed information on this, but it certainly implies, at least at first glance, that WAR’s population has contracted very considerably since launch.

2) Expect shrillness from various haters. Regardless of what the ignorant think, this is a very good thing for the game, because the simple fact is that the WAR experience kind of sucks on the great majority of servers due either to poor factional balance or underpopulation, and this should help that, possibly only a little, but more likely a great deal.

I would say “Bravo, Mythic!” but “This should have been done two months ago” is probably more appropriate.

4 responses to “WAR Merges Servers in Attempt to Not Suck

  1. Just to clarify here, most of the servers on the closing list have already had transfers. This is just making it official. It’s not huge news because most of those servers have already been emptied, and the sub numbers for WAR are also known.

    So in a way, Mythic DID do this 2 months ago, just that up to now they were called transfers and not mergers. Semantic games and all that.

  2. Actually I think the distinction here is important. Most of the servers involved had transfers available, but even many of the destination servers were empty or imbalanced. Our own Monolith was like that – I transferred there (on Destro) and it was only a very little bit better than Thorgrim had been.

  3. Well, I wasn’t one of the people crying doom when Funcom did it, either. Merging servers is sometimes a neccessary step toward a healthy game that some in the community choose to take negatively. And as you know, AoC in particular seemed to attract a lot of hater attention.