Back in Azeroth

I resubscribed to World of Warcraft last night. I said I was out permanently, but it’s the ideal title to get back into MMO play with, and that counts for something. The new Blizzard installer helped me make the decision, as did my brush with D&D 4th Edition. If there’s no reason to play lame electronic D&D over the real thing, there’s also no reason to play lame tabletop WoW over the real thing, or so my reasoning went.

I was in for probably 4 hours last night, spending more time setting stuff up, installing and playing with addons and game options and setting new specs, and then doing a little bit of poking around in stuff I hadn’t seen before like acheivements and Northrend, than I did actually questing or killing mobs.

At first I felt very out of my depth after about an eight-month break and jumping straight back in to my level 45 character, but that went away pretty quickly. Normally, when returning to an MMO after an absense of more than a month or two I’ll start playing on a new character rather than an established mid-level character with lots of abilities that I’ve forgotten how to use. Unfortunately, I actually didn’t have a slot available on Kirin Tor – I had all ten slots filled and the lowest level character was at 12.

I realize that a level 12 is a chump to many people. Even I can get a character that high in just a few hours. Well, not in Mulgore, but almost anywhere else, excepting perhaps Teldrassil, a zone I have never managed to finish. It’s just enough progress to make me not want to lose it by deleting the character. On the other hand, I have to scrap two of these characters anyway, to make room for one Death Knight (I’m not all that far away from level 55, and I want to see the DK content,) and one character to play alongside Mrs. Ardwulf, who’s agreed to play again starting some time in the next few weeks. So I have a couple of decisions to make.

Once that’s done I will probably start tracking progress again, possibly more thouroughly than before. I’m using the RestFu plugin to aid with this – it gives me exact level percentages acrioss several characters at a glance, and makes it easier to maximize rest XP.

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One response to “Back in Azeroth

  1. The easiest way to make that smoother is Burning Crusade, then make a Space Goat or Blood Elf. The leveling is much better in the new zones they introduced there back in ’06