Two Juicy Levels and Other Progress

After a very solid four hours of play last night, I went from 46.22 to 48.37. Pretty nice progress. I finished up this particular wing of the Feralas guide, then actually went backward a step, to Tanaris, to run some of the Gadgetzan and Steamwheedle Port quests. There’s one Wanted quest in particular that gave me trouble, for a leader the spawns and then walks around. I never found him, and ended up not bothering to finish it.

The Jame’s Guide addons breaks the whole of the guide into convenient little blocks, and you can load any of them, although as I mentioned yesterday, the progression often requires you to have picked up quests in one area and not turn them in until the progression takes you there. So I have now had to drop everything and go someplace to get a quest a couple of times. But that’s okay – I’m making solid progress by any reasonable measure anyway. I also dumped a bunch of stuff on the Auction House, and turned it into a nice batch of gold. I’m now sitting on 63g, which is a pittance compared to what characters get in Outland, but that’s okay as well.

Jenaka pointed out in the comments to yesterday’s post that there’s a secret tunnel leading away from the cave of the Naga chieftain on the Isle of Dread. I was also sent to a hidden cove in Tanaris occupied by pirates. This level of detail in the world is one of the joys of WoW; there are always neat places to explore, and sometimes quests will send you there, and sometimes not. The only MMO setting that compares to Azeroth in this respect is Vanguard’s world of Telon, as far as I’ve seen.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Guild populations as I play, and it looks as though the majority of active players already have a character at 80, which is not terribly surprising. Interestingly, as soon as I hit 55 I can create another level 55 character – and I plan to do that Horde-side, to put me in position to have a high-level character in our sister guild as well. I’ll probably go with Orc or Undead for that. I am not terribly compelled by the Death Knight as a class, but I do very much want to see the Death Knight content, which I’m assuming takes you to about level 60, ready to pack for Outland.

Gaining over two levels yesterday puts me well ahead of where my projection says I should be. This is good, since I may or may not play tonight, and if I do I plan to start a new character. We’re patching WoW on Mrs. Ardwulf’s PC during the day today and hopefully It’ll be ready to go by tonight. She is patching from her original installation, which is taking a good deal longer than it took me installing from scratch with Blizzard’s new downloader, but at this point we’re a good part of the way through it, so I see no good reason to start over. Either way, we hope to start playing over the weekend.

I will, of course, be recounting our progress in this space – although I am not terribly concerned about leveling speed in this scenario. Right now we’re talking about playing paired Night Elf Druids, but that may change by the time we actually start. I can have Vaktor send 10g or so to get the new characters going with gear and such, and my guild supplies fat Netherweave bags for everybody, which obviously helps a ton.

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