Dual Druids and Late-Night Action

Progress was kind of tepid last night, since much of our time was devoted to getting WoW patched up to date on Mrs. Ardwulf’s PC. This and the account renewal, which warranted a call to Blizzard customer service that went very smoothly, was finally accomplished at around 11 PM, and by then we pretty much only had time to make characters and fool around in the starting zone a bit (I’ve worked every single Saturday since the start of the year, excepting only last weekend.)

Note to anybody getting back into WoW after more than a couple of months out – uninstall and redownload the client from scratch. It’s quicker and much, much less hassle, since you don’t have to babysit the patch process. At least under Vista.

Our characters are Atelanta and Hippomenes, named (loosely, name availability being what it is on a WoW server,) after two characters in Greek mythology. We’re both Night Elf Druids, which should be an interesting experiment. For the record, the Druid is one of the WoW classes I have least enjoyed, for a variety of reasons, but I understand that the class starts to come into its own when you start getting the various forms – to date I have gotten exectly one Druid that far. Having someone to play with should ease the pain considerably. Even if not, I have a level 13 Dwarf Hunter on Kirin Tor that I could swap in when we hit that point, if I’m not satisfied with the Druid.

We are, as of where we left off at 1 AM last night, level 5. Long way to go, but as I’ve said, I’m not terribly concerned about rapid progression on these characters. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen a lot more Night Elf-looking areas in the game now, but the whole “look” of that kind of area is more appealing to me now for whatever reason. I am looking forward to doing Darkshore for the first time.

On Vaktor, I finished up the Tanaris guide segment I’d been working on and did the following one, in the Hinterlands, most of which I’d completed already, so it went quick. A couple of griffon flights later I was back in Feralas to pick things up there, having gone from 48.32 to 48.84. Not crazy progress, but a hair over the goal of half a level a day in this level range. I’m not going to be able to gain 2+ levels a day every day (after 60 the goal becomes a quarter-level a day until 70, and then a tenth of a level a day the rest of the way,) so establishing a little bit of a lead is desirable because I’ll take days off occasionally.

It occurs to me that I could conceivably be in Outland by the end of next week. That assumes stellar progress and no dithering, and it’s now 20 or so levels below the cap, but still.

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3 responses to “Dual Druids and Late-Night Action

  1. Druids are the only WoW hybrid that has to cover all four archetypes (counting ranged and melee DPS separately, plus tanking and heals), and they definitely feel like late bloomers (especially on the Kitty side of things, since that’s the last role you get).

    My wife and I duo on a balance druid (her) and a BM hunter (me). My pet cat tanks (arguably better than it should in pre-TBC content, which was NOT balanced around the recently added pet talents) and the two of us take turns doing DPS and healing the cat when needed. When we started, my wife was very new to gaming, so I needed a class that could fend for itself while she learned where her niche was. It has turned out to be a very potent combo – we routinely duo’ed elite quests back before the made most of the outdoor quests soloable, and the two of us were recently able to duo a level 46ish 5-man dungeon just after we hit level 50.

    I think dual druids would work pretty well too, you’d just have a bit less margin for error since one of you would be doing the tanking, instead of a relatively expendable pet. Also, again, be warned that your feral action bars will be very thin at first, but you’ll have company, which will help keep things interesting.