Sick Again, and Weekend Action

Amazingly, I’ve managed to get sick again. This is, I think, the third time this year, which is pretty irregular.

Anyway, WoW continues to be enjoyable, and Mrs. Ardwulf and I put in quite a lot of time over the weekend, getting our Druids Atelanta and Hippomenes up to 15th level. We are not moving incredibly fast, but this is pretty good progress, and I’m enjoying the Darkshore content. The quest to get Aquatic Form is right around the corner, and that’s something else I haven’t seen yet.

Vaktor is up to 49.29, still ahead of the projection. I didn’t put a lot of time into him over the weekend. I may play some tonight – or I may decide that sleep is the higher priority. I feel really exceptionally crappy right now, and will probably only stay at work for half a day. If I do get a couple of hours today I should be able to push him past 50 with little trouble, and maybe as high as 51 or 52.

The goal is to get to 55 by Thursday, and 60 by April 8. Assuming I can get some hours into the character, neither should be much trouble.

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One response to “Sick Again, and Weekend Action

  1. I used the guide you have a couple of time. It’s really very good but I couldn’t stick to it. I wasn’t much of a quest lover back in those days and really to level more freestyle than that guide could allow. It did however work well for identify quests that gave the most bang of the buck which I kept track of and worked into my ping-pong brand of leveling.

    Good luck with leveling the alts. Oh to feel young and new again in WOW. 🙂