Ding 50!

I’m still pretty sick – possibly worse than yesterday, although I feel less foggy. Still, I got some WoW play in yesterday.

Between finishing up some stuff in Feralas and Tanaris, I hit 50, and moved on to the Blasted Lands where I’m midway through some fairly grindy collection quests with abysmal drop rates. I finished up at 50.73. This is just about all there is to do in the Blasted Lands, but while there I finally saw something I’d been waiting to see – the Dark Portal, gateway to Outland. I can’t pass through it until 58, of course, but it was neat to see at last. And passing 50 is of course a major milestone, not least because 50 – 62.5% of the level cap – is as far as I’ve managed to get in any MMO.


I kind of agree that reducing leveling time devalues the accomplishment of reaching a high level, but at the same time, having put in over 110 hours to get this far, I don’t think it can be said that it completely trivializes it. I’m aware that there are people who can level much faster than I by various means, and am willing to concede that a master at leveling can probably work his or her way through all the necessary content in half as much time, or maybe less. But aside from the ‘free levels’ thing that Blizzard was doing in the last Refer-a-Friend promotion I think it very unlikely that even the fastest levelers can zoom to the level cap in 20 hours, which was the kind of loose talk I was hearing a while back.

I’ve also been going out of my way since returning to get a few achievements, although I haven’t wasted too much time on them. I did take the trouble to get the exploration Achievements for Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh when visiting Stormwind and Ironforge, respectively. At 50, I have 190 Achievement Points. It’s too bad these don’t actually do anything.


Later in the evening, Mrs. Ardwulf and I spent some time in-game, but by then I was feeling terrible enough that I could only focus on fairly low-maintenance activities like grinding crabs and fishing off the shore near Auberdine. I actually have my Fishing skill up to about 60 on this character, which is as high as I’ve ever gotten it. Normally I don’t have the patience for it, but Mrs. Ardwulf likes crafting and making money on the Auction House, so I’m willing to fart around with it.

Our characters are still at level 15, and almost ready to do the Aquatic Form quests. This is also as high as I’ve ever gotten a Druid. I’m finding the class more enjoyable playing with a partner.

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One response to “Ding 50!

  1. Congratulations on reaching level 50! Definitely don’t sell your achievement short- any sort of milestone like this is worth celebrating. I hope for many, _many_ more hours of fun for you and the whole family in WoW (or whatever other game you choose to play).

    On another note, boy those graphics look dated. I swear, even the free game Runes of Magic looks better.