Guides and Griffinback

Mrs. Ardwulf and I ran a few quests last night, and did a little exploring. We’re still at level 16. Despite learning that the Aquatic Form is both neat and handy, I’m still short on love for the Druid class. This may be due to playing Vaktor, with his large number of useful abilities, then switching to the much lower-level Druid with a much smaller number of options. This may well go away after we reach level 30 or so. I like the idea of the Druid, I just don’t see that it plays as well in practice, according to my own preferences.

By the way, you can take an aerial tour, on the back of a griffin, of Stormwind Harbor. That’s kind of neat.

Speaking of Vaktor, he’s now at 52.61, after completing more stuff in Searing Gorge. I feel like this progress is extremely rapid; I’m now making over a level a day on average. He’s also, by my standards, fabulously wealthy – I had almost 170 gold at one point last night, although a big chunk of that swiftly went away. I put a massive load of stuff on the AH, so at least some of it should come back in the next two days. I am beginning to see firsthand the difference in moneymaking potential between low-level and high-level characters.

It’s funny to start thinking of having a character that can credibly be called “high level,” but I’m getting pretty close. I think I’ll be comfortable with that label at 60. I am starting to look at instances, and may try to see if I can get some guildies together for runs at some of the upper-game dungeons. If not, I don’t see much of a problem – there’s plenty of questing to do.

As I mentioned before, I am using Jame’s Guides, along with the addon that feeds you the steps. This is hugely helpful, but it by no means works perfectly; elaborate instructions are there for some stages of the guide, and missing in the addon tips, and this can cause sidetracking, or worse, standing around with my finger in my nose figuring out what to do. It’s also hard to follow precisely unless you start at the very beginning, which I didn’t. All that aside, I feel like I am leveling much faster with this help than I was during my last burst of progress running Dustwallow, Stranglethorn and Desolace quests last year.

During that run, I went from level 17 to level 45 in a little under a month, using the guides as a loose reference without following them closely. So far since coming back I’ve gained 7 levels in 8 days (having taken one day off, remember.) If that kind of progress were to hold out until, say, level 70, I would be there by the end of next week.

My pie-in-the-sky goal for tonight is to hit 55, which is very aggressive, but possibly achieveable.

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One response to “Guides and Griffinback

  1. The wife and I duoed up two Druids together as well. We both stayed Feral as it made for a fast, and easy leveling experience. Once you hit twenty and get kitty form things speed up immensely. With two feral-specced Druids going full-tilt mobs, even elites, melt quickly.

    So I’m betting once you hit level twenty and get things like prowl (stealth), backstabs, etc. you’re going to have a lot more fun with the variety of skills available.