I didn’t get to 55 land night, but I did wrap up just a hair over 54, which is still pretty good. After wrapping up some stuff in Searing Gorge, I flew around for a bit, picking up quests to be done in Un’Goro Crater. Obviously, this is a zone I hadn’t been in before, and I was pleased by it, because it contains Huge Honking Dinosaurs. Elite ones, no less. It’s a steaming jungle with a volcano in the center, inhabited by giant apes, weird fauna and the aforementioned dinosaurs. I was hoping for a Lost World sort of atmosphere (which various places in Azeroth try to convey, to limited success,) and I got it.

Bag space is a serious problem right now, though. The Un’Goro quest content is essentially a large number of overlapping collection quests, all of which hog a lot of bag space, and combined with the trash drops and the absurd amount of stuff I’m carrying around anyway. I have a set of Netherweave Bags and I can’t do a single cycle of questing without filling them up past overflowing. Obviously I need to manage this better – I’m not sure if there even are bigger bags in the game.

I think that last night I saw a blue item drop from a random garbage mob for the first time. Then I got another one. Both pieces went right on the AH, as neither was very useful to me, but it’s cool to see blue stuff drop at last.

I am at the point where I can actually go anywhere in Old World Azeroth, at least if I use the nominal levels of the zones as my guide. Mere levels away from Outland, if I choose to go at 58. I’m not sure I will, though – I suspect that there will still be stuff in the Old World that I want to see before heading there; by my count there are eight Old World zones I have never been to (with any character,) and the guide I’m using takes me to all of them.

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One response to “Dinosaurs!

  1. Thankfully, the bags do get bigger.

    There are: Netherweave bags (16 slots – the ones you probably have), Imbued Netherweave (18 slots), Frostweave bags (20 slots) and Glacial bags (22 slots). The latter two are from Northrend, the last one being very expensive to make.