Inscription, Soloing Instances and the Precipice of Cat Form

Mrs. Ardwulf is playing around with Inscription for the first time, and was telling me about it. It does certainly sound pretty handy. It also explains why the prices for a lot of low-level herbs seem rather high on the auction house. We upgraded her account to Wrath last night and downloaded the Wrath-capable client overnight. She’s probably going to work on school stuff tonight, so I’ll play some on Vaktor after a few days of letting him build rest XP. Even so, I an still more than two levels above the current goal. Hopefully I can at least hit level 55, although 56 would be nice. I need to bring in some more money to finance lower-level operations, among other things.

Last night in guild chat somebody was putting together a trip to Molten Core, presumably of 80s. Even so, I think it’s awesome that we still have people interested in seeing that old content. I for one would love to see that and Onyxia’s Lair, among other things. In due time, of course – at 54 I’m certainly not going to be setting foot in very many of those old instances yet. But it occurs to me that I should, even at this point, be capable of soloing some of the lower-level old world instances. Scarlet Monastery, of example. I don’t know that I’d want to bother with that right now, though – it’d be worth little if any XP (I would get some for quest turn-ins, even if they were gray,) and the gear from any instance I could comfortably solo is likely to be not terribly worthwhile. So I’ll table running instances for now unless an opportunity to do something roughly level-appropriate comes up with the guild.

I did run Vaktor through Deadmines a while back with a guild group, and there were some pretty tricky encounters in there, even though I was over the level of the dungeon by 5 or so levels at the time (the rest of the group was right in the range, though.) We even wiped once, as I recall. It remains the only instance I have run with Vaktor.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I are right now pushing toward level 20 and cat form on our Druids. We’ve journeyed into Ashenvale for the first time, and are currently cleaning up the long ‘Absent-Minded Prospector’ quest, which has you running all over the place – next to Menethil Harbor, which is rather far off the beaten track for Night Elves in this level range. I think I will make the case that our next pair of characters be Draenei, and head to Westfall for the 11-20 range. It’s another area I have never quested all the way through – the last one, in fact, assuming that we go all the way through Loch Modan this time around.

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One response to “Inscription, Soloing Instances and the Precipice of Cat Form

  1. If you’ve never quested WF I think you’ve missed one of the best lower level zones. The story that starts in Goldshire and carries through fighting the Defias in WF is one of my favorite storylines ESPECIALLY if you’re going to do Deadmines. GS to SS was pure leveling fun to me and I’ve don’t it several times.