There and Almost There

Right at the end of the night Atelanta and Hippomenes hit level 20, after severeal days of dithering, and trained in Cat Form. Again, as in the case of Aqautic Form, this used to require a quest, but now you just buy it from the trainer. We didn’t have the opportunity to really play with it at all, though. It’ll keep.

With Vaktor, I cleaned up the remainder of Un’Goro Crater and did some of the very short Azshara portion of the Guide, much of which I had to skip on account of not doing an earlier quest. What I did do was well under my level and pretty easy, but the zone is very scenic. I also picked up the flight points in Azshara and Silithus and parked in Astranaar in Ashenvale in preparation for heading into Felwood, at just a hair under 55th level.

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3 responses to “There and Almost There

  1. That’s too bad it’s no longer a quest. It was one of the better ones for obtaining your form, if I remember correctly. I think the quest took me into some hazy state while ghosted. If felt like what an Emerald Dream zone might feel. Or was that for one shaman’s totem? Hmm. WOW feels like a lifetime ago now.

    Glad you and you’re wife are having fun.

  2. That may have been one of the Shaman totem quests – I recall something very like that. There’s also something similar in the Death Knight sequence, where you have to step into the ‘Shadowlands’ or something to kill some dude.