Progress, Revised Goals and Weekend Getaways

Thursday night is my big night for solo play, as Mrs. Ardwulf is at school typically until after 8 PM. So it’s maybe not surprising that I actually broke a personal record, gaining the most in terms of levels in a single sitting that I’ve had since I started keeping track of it. Vaktor ended the night at 57.07, less than a full level away from Outland, should I elect to take him there at 58.

Which I’m still thinking about. On the one hand, I want to see that content and I’m very close to it, and on the other, I’m told that it’s advisable to wait to 60 or 61, at which point Outland will be noticably easier. If nothing else, I do have some stuff I want to finish up in Old World Azeroth before I go, which will probably amount to at least another level or two. Interestingly, I have not at least seen every zone in Kalimdor, mostly with Vaktor, but also with sub-20 characters in the early Horde zones. But also interestingly there are no less than four zones in the Eastern Kingdoms in which I have never set foot (Burning Steppes I’m not sure about.) I plan to see three of those (Burning Steppes and the two Plaguelands zones,) before Outland – Blackrock Mountain will wait until I have a group to run the various instances there with, and the Isle of Quel’Danas will have to wait until 70ish.

I am currently adventuring in Winterspring, after doing enough stuff in Felwood that I could pass through Timbermaw Hold unmolested. Unlike a lot of the mid to high level zones, Winterspring has a full town, with an inn and flight points and vendors to sell junk to. And lemme tell ya, at this level you accrue a lot of junk. Even my giant Netherweave bags aren’t enough to hold it all. On the plus side, I have finally started seeing Runecloth drop, which is nice. The only one of the secondary professions I’m bothering with is First Aid, which I now have up to 295. The time will come – pretty soon, I think, but likely not before Outland – that I’ll want to upgrade to bigger bags, which ought to set me back a ton of cash.

I intend to more or less abandon the Death Knight for now, although I will eventually get back to the class. When I do, it probably won’t be with an Orc, but with a Tauren or maybe a female Draenei or Night Elf – going after the coolest possible look, more or less. It kind of depends on whether the Death Knight mount scales properly with the Tauren’s larger size. A giant bull-man riding a tiny-ass horse just isn’t gonna cut it. We’ll see, and I’m in no hurry – Vaktor will probably be nearing or into his 70s before I feel any need to have another crack at it.

I made some adjustments to my leveling goals going forward, making them a bit more aggressive all the way up to 80, as a better match to my actual progress day-to-day up to this point, since I now have enough data points to draw tenative conclusions from. Right now I am way out ahead of the current goals – this combines with the days off over the weekend will equalize things a bit, although I’ll still be ahead even if I don’t get back to Vaktor until Tuesday. I am prepared to make further adjustments if neccessary, especially if leveling speed changes dramatically after 60 – after 70, I expect it to, and the goals reflect that already, as well as the fact that I do take days off from playing Vaktor to play other characters.

On the subject of days off, Mrs. Ardwulf and I are going away for the weekend – our third anniversary – so I won’t be doing any gaming or posting for the next couple of days, although I may manage another post this afternoon. The plan is to leave tonight for Toledo and come back on Sunday morning. Not an incredibly elaborate or romantic trip, I know, but we’ve done this kind of thing for our anniversary every year.

In our combined efforts, we’re now focusing on getting our Hunter/Priest do up to 20. Last night pet aggro seemed very off for some reason. Mrs. Ardwulf has also made – and is enjoying! – a Gnome Warrior(ess) and I will probably make a priest of my own to pair with her there. Hearing “not enough rage!” in the squeaky Gnome-woman voice is pretty amusing for the time being.

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