MISadventures in Video Cards

In the PC sphere, there are also some things of note.

Firstly, obviously, I did not get any play in over the weekend. I did get into WoW very briefly last night to manage some auctions, but that was it. Vaktor now has almost 150 gold thanks to some junk I sold over the weekend. We’ll see how much I get to play tonight.

Secondly, Mrs. Ardwulf’s PC has been having some problems, as I think I mentioned last week. Essentially she’s been losing signal to the monitor, and I wasn’t able to take a look at it before I got home on Friday. But the problem was definitely getting worse. (It sucks getting a call at work from a spouse unable to play WoW.) Trying to diagnose the problem over the phone, it seemed that the likely culprit was either the monitor cable or either one of the jacks it plugs into. Once I got home on Friday and opened it up to look at it, though, I quickly realized that it was the video card, which is as far as I can tell completely shot. Not only was the fan totally locked, but at least four fuses on the thing were blown.

Now, the 7300 GT is a crappy video card anyway, and we’d wanted to upgrade it in preparation for Sims 3 which is coming out in a couple of months and which my wife will play the hell out of. I pulled the card and plugged the monitor into the standard PC port, and it’s working acceptably. Performance in WoW is kind of weak (!) but it’s completely playable. But I’m going to hit up Micro Center on the way home from work tonight and buy a new card – probably a 9400 or 9500, which ought to work with her power supply and available PCI-E slot. Future upgrades will probably entail a new PC, as everything new is PCI-E 2.0.

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