On the Brink

Mrs. Ardwulf’s new video card – a 9500 GT – is installed and appears to be working just fine. At one point during the evening, while swimming around in Loch Modan, she remarked that she’d never seen a place with so much underwater foliage before. That was because I’d set all of her settings to high when I did the installation. She’s actually playing on higher settings than I am right now – I have a couple of things turned down because my own video card runs so hot.

We pushed our Hunter/Priest combination upward to level 17. Hunter pets work completely differently now; they’re probably more customizable with their own talent trees, but it’s a little jarring, since the Hunter was one of the classes I’d played a fair bit of in previous passes at WoW. My Hunter, Throar, is also my Engineer, and happens to be the highest level Engineer I’ve managed to get so far; his skill hit 100 last night and he was able to make his first set of goggles.

I also got a bit of play in on Vaktor, finishing up the Winterspring leg of the guide and moving on to Burning Steppes, with which I’m almost finished, with Silithus next on the list of targets. He’s up to 57.86 now, which is a little less than two levels above the planned goal, with a small stock of Rest XP to work with. I have some quests to fly around and drop off in various places that should put me just into level 58, then Silithus and a short trip to the Plaguelands to drop off some other quests. Hopefully that’ll get me to 59, after which I may clear my entire quest log and head to Outland.

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One response to “On the Brink

  1. I have a hunter/ engineer that I’ve been playing since I bought WoTLK. It was a very good combo until around level 45 and 230 or so engineering. The one mid 40s gun I can make simply isn’t very good. It looks like I’ll be well into TBC content before I can really make another decent gun (a black iron rifle is nowhere near the trouble it would take to craft even if I were in a raiding guild).

    One major disappointment is that the green lens is now only useful for casters. You can’t get any regular stats on it now. Made two of them before I figured it out (doh!).