Merry April Fool’s Day

I am not so fond of the practice of posting phoney news items on April Fool’s Day, partly because such things often start to intrude on the territory of bad taste, and partly because many of them are simply not funny. Then again, my wife assures me that I actually have no sense of humor, so what do I know? One early entry today that I did find amusing was Tobold’s post about CCP launching a PvE server for EVE Online. It would have been better if he had included some official-sounding statements from CCP bigshots about EVE wanting to attract some WoW tourists to give the company a quick infusion of cash to drop into development of the World of Darkness MMO.

Expect this entry to be updated throughout the day. I’m hoping for something good from Blizzard, who always seems to come through on 4-1 (last year’s Molten Core game for Atari 2600 was comedy gold – but you had to see the trailer they did for it to really appreciate it.)

UPDATE: Blizzard’s EU site has a ‘pimp your mount’ item. Kind of weak.

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