After resisting for weeks, I installed Auctioneer last night. I did not get the chance to do an auction house scan with it, but it seems like it’ll be increasingly necessary to be able to get good prices in the AH; I think I undersold several things by large margins over the last week or two, and I will have need of coin moving forward.

I had another crack at the Death Knight a couple of days ago and liked it even less the second time around. I think I will be abandoning the second DK as well, and indeed abandon the idea of playing one for the forseeable future. Again, I think the content is neat, but I have no love for the class itself.

I have several Horde alts in the low to mid teens, but will probably abandon a couple of those to make Alliance characters to pair up with Mrs. Ardwulf’s various alts – she and I have both tended toward a preponderance of alts, although I’ve been pretty good lately (not just in WoW but in CoH and EQ2 as well) at picking a character to mostly concentrate on. The Mrs. does not like to play Horde, and I have to admit that I am more fond of the Alliance these days, although I wish WoW had an option to betray to the other faction, as I do like Orcs and Tauren. The fact is that I have not touched a Horde character since returning, except to log them in to get RestFu to recognize them.

Also moving forward, I anticipate that any new characters will do some kind of dual-gathering, to increase income as well as to provide materials for the crafting alts we already have. Vaktor’s Blacksmithing is a dismal 107, and I also have a Leatherworker and an Engineer in the same general neighborhood. Between her various characters Mrs. Ardwulf has all of the other crafting professions covered. The one crafting skill that I do have at a high level is First Aid with Vaktor, who at 295 is far higher than I’ve ever gotten anybody else at anything.

One issue that I forsee with doing group content is that our guild has a large preponderance of Paladins. A couple of afternoons ago eight people in the guild were online, and all but one were Paladins. Hybrid class or no, the problem here should be obvious, although I think an all-Paladin instance run might be amusing… once.

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