Mr. Vaktor Comes to Outland

I got lots done with Vaktor last night, much of which was accomplished by flying around to various places and completing a number of odds and ends. I ended up at 59.64, almost two levels north of where I’d left off. At the very end of a rather long night of play I went through the Dark Portal to Outland, and ended up parked in Honor Hold after doing the first couple of go-see-this-guy quests, and ready to move on to the actual good stuff.

I am debating abandoning the leveling guide at this point, except possibly as a loose reference, instead just trying to do as many available quests as possible. I am assured that leveling at a decent rate in Outland will not be a problem, and I’m also reasonably certain that I will be able to pick up enough money there (remembering that I anticipate Vaktor paying for mounts at the very least for a number of lower-level characters.) He’s sitting on about 225 gold at the moment, which is nowhere near enough for the level 60 epic mount – but then, he’s a Paladin and can get a mount from the class trainer at level 61. I am pretty sure that this won’t cost 700 gold.

Obviously, Vaktor is now the most adavanced character I have in any MMO, regardless of the measuring stick used – total level, percentage of cap, or levels away from cap. He’ll also give me my first taste of ‘new-style’ WoW content; that is, leveling zones designed from the ground up well after launch. I’ll be interested to see how this changes the complexion of play moving forward; my understanding is that there are a number of very novel quests over the next twenty levels.

At 70, I intend to do some of the Shattered Sun Offensive stuff, at the very least checking out the Isle of Quel’Danas and doing some of the Dailies. It’s also probably a good idea to start asking around in guild about instance runs in this level range, and figuring out what factions can do for me. A flying mount is one obvious goal, but I am also badly in need of a general gear upgrade, which I’m kind of hoping will come naturally along with progress in Outland. I really have no idea at this point what gear to go after.

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5 responses to “Mr. Vaktor Comes to Outland

  1. Welcome to Outland ……. try leave as soon as possible. To be honest I hate Outland with a passion due to the grind of alot of the quests but some of the different areas have good visuals, landscapes and imo the best looking flying mounts in the game – the Netherdrake.

    My one bit of advice for Outland would be dont stay in one area for too long.

    Hellfire – 58-62
    Zangarmarsh- 62-64
    Terrokar Forest & Nagrand – 64 -68
    Shadowmoon – 67 – 70 (altho id move to Northrend at 68 as the quests and areas are much better)

    Also altho you dont have to buy an epic mount as a paladin you still have to buy the riding skill which is about 600g – (its another 16 or 17g to learn to summon your new charger).

    Dont worry about gear either the first quests you get replace pretty much all your gear and almost double your power.

    Last but not least if your on a pvp realm avoid Death Knights like the plague untill you are around level 63-64. They turn up with OP gear and they hurt…. alot.

    Enjoy 🙂

  2. Now, see, my understanding is that Outland questing is generally better-designed than a lot of the Old World stuff, especially compared to a lot of the middle of the level range. It may well compare unfavorably to Northrend content, but I wouldn’t know. I will surely get to decide for myself over the next few levels.

    As for the epic mount… I don’t remember having to buy the Riding skill separately from the summon mount ability, but I could easily be misremembering it – or the level 60 mount may just be different. In any case, I am making pretty decent cash (and I just installed Auctioneer so as to be able to better game the AH,) and should be able to get 600g togethe before all that long.

  3. hmm some of the quests arent too bad, but alot of it does stick to collect this, kill 30 of these then return then kill 25 of these etc etc

    Dont get me wrong its still a half decent expansion, especially now levelling has been speeded up. Back when level 70 was the Cap however Outland was dire.

    As for the riding skill, yeah at 30 you just have to buy the summon charger however if you view the epic charger at the pala trainer it will say in red ‘requires epic riding skill’ or something along those lines. Yeah auctioneer is great. Also pick up everything!!! even if its just trash. Those grey things sell for the odd gold or two sometimes at the vendor

  4. I have been having a very big problem with bag space of late – I have a full set of Netherweave Bags but was carrying so many junk quest items that I was filling all of them up before even getting the chance to get to a vendor and purge grays – often I had no gray items, and selling whites to a vendor, or worse yet, having to drop them to pick up needed quest items or greens without even checkng the AH really stinks.

    Bigger bags are probably out of reach for the moment – but in moving to Outland I dropped a bunch of lingering Old World quests, and with them a lot of junk-ass quest items I’d had to tote around forever. I’m starting pretty clean.

    About the only remark I have about Outland so far is that the sky is real pretty. 🙂

  5. I still have netherweave bags on all my characters…. im too tight to shell out for biggers ones and have never fancied doing tailoring on any of my characters.

    Yeah the mass clearout of quest junk when you move is great, and thankfully blizzard made it when you abandon the quest it deletes the stuff automatically 🙂

    I do think you will enjoy outland as it is the first time you will be going through the quests. As i said just dont spend too long in one area, if you really want to get the area achievements you can always come back at level 80 and get the extra gold rewards. Besides outland is best when you have a flying mount, thats when you get to see the beauty of the area and realise exactly why blizzard expansions take so long.

    Anyway I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog and see how you get on 🙂