Level 60 and Adventures in Outland

I ran the first round of quests in Hellfire Peninsula last night, and had a fun time of it. As I’d been advised, there’s a tremendous amount of gear handed out in these quests, and while I haven’t replaced everything yet, the couple of pieces I have replaced (including my primary weapon, a big two-handed axe,) are making a significant difference.

A couple of the quests I did were aerial bombing runs, where they put you on a flying mount and you drop bombs on fixed points and/or mobs. This is kind of fun, but I imagine it would get old after a while. I also noticed that within the usual mix of solo quests there is a sprinking of group and PvP quests – I have one dungeon quest for Hellfire Citadel, which I may or may not get to actually run – but I’d like to, because I like one of the quest rewards.

It’s very early to make this assessment, but it seems like progression so far is smooth but a touch slower than before – but I suspect that fewer extremely long flights will make a difference in the long run. As of when I stopped playing Vaktor was at 60.29, so I have a bit over half a level of Outland content under my belt. Money-wise I’m doing OK at about 240 gold – hitting the trainer after 60 cost me a bundle.

I also did a scan of the AH, a process Auctioneer uses to build a database of accurate prices. This usually takes about 12-13 minutes to do, easily acconmplished while flipping out of WoW to surf the web. Even without a reliable database Auctioneer is useful – it’s actually a whole suite of utilities that does a bunch of different stuff. Most usefully right now, it gives me an extra mouseover popup with additional information about a drop, including what it’s used for (if a crafting ingredient,) and vendor price.

I also started a Gnome Mage to pair with Mrs. Ardwulf’s Warrior-Gnomess, and got him up to 7th level (she’s currently 11.) I am not fond of Gnomes but I worked around this by playing up the silliness of the race, picking the outrageous combover and naming him Irving. She is enjoying playing the warrior, and we’re finding the pairing to be very solid. We’ll need some method of healing, of course, but there are multiple ways to get that accomplished.

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One response to “Level 60 and Adventures in Outland

  1. Glad your enjoying the quests =)

    The instances in this zone arent very long but they have a couple of nice items that are useful to pick up. In Ramparts the end boss drops a very nice polearm (both in looks and stats).