AoC Trials and Contests

Age of Conan has launched a 7-day free trial. This is a good thing, and I think that AoC is better-positioned than most to take advantage of it, since its early levels are so well-done, although I question whether or not seven days is really enough for a thorough trial – it really never has been for me.

Also, Xfire is running an Age of Conan contest, with the nifty-looking Logitech G19 gaming keyboard as prizes, along with various levels of subscription to AoC – with a lifetime sub as the grand prize. The similar LotRO contest from a few months back seemed to cause a noticable uptick in interest in that game, so hopefully this will draw some positive attention to AoC as well.


2 responses to “AoC Trials and Contests

  1. It deserves it. The game has made a major move to rectify so many issues. The game is pure fun now, and I am set in regards to having my MMO home until Guild Wars 2 releases or AoC closes.


  2. One of the areas in which I felt AoC was very strong right from the beginning was the ‘engaging atmosphere’ thing I talk about in today’s other post. It’s why I think that AoC, assuming Funcom manages not to mismanage it into cancellation, will survive and eventually become healthy.

    I think I myself will dip back in right around the one-year mark.