Weekend Craft Grind

I got a bunch of play in over the weekend, but about all I did with Vaktor was to work a bit on his Blacksmithing, which started the process at a rather dismal 107. I had a huge amount of ore, stone and metal bars in the bank, though, and was able to push it up north of 150 by the time I was done, incidentally getting Artisan (225-300) mining as well. As it is, he could mine absolutely nothing from the last several zones he’d been in, so it’s kind of important to get his mining up to at least 245, and right now it’s at 219, well under what he needs to be able to mine the Thorium dotting Hellfire Peninsula.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I pushed our Hunter/Priest pairing (Throar and Hesta) to 20th level, making them the second pair of characters we’ve done that with. We found the last level or two of that kind of difficult between Loch Modan and Redridge Mountains. These characters did not start out as a pair – Throar was around from my last couple of passes at WoW, and is a bit ahead of Hesta, who is slowly catching up. Right how he’s about 80% of a level ahead.

Last night while I was off at my tabletop game the Mrs. got into a guild Deadmines group and was up until about 1:30 AM finishing that off, successfully. We also started a new, human pairing, I a Warrior and she a Rogue. We’ll see how well that combo plays, but I like playing the warrior generally, so I don’t expect any issues from that end of things. We’re probably going to make one more pair of characters, Draenei, giving us a set in each Alliance race. This may be a recreation of a pairing we had over on the Doomhammer server.

We’ve been keeping gathering and crafting skills up more or less in sync with level on all of our paired characters, unlike what I did with Vaktor in concentrating almost solely on leveling. Right now, it’d be nice to be able to make the odd piece of gear for lower-level characters, although the lower levels of Blacksmith-crafted goods (hell, well up into the middle levels,) are pretty crappy aside from a few odds and ends, compared to stuff that can be had for mere silver in the Auction House.

Vaktor has a crapton of crafted stuff on the AH right now – as of this morning, not a piece of it had sold, but there’s still more time. He is in the Bronze range and needs a whole bunch more copper and probably at least a couple stacks of tin as well to work his way out of it – and will need Iron once he does so; I have some but not nearly enough. I may just buy these on the AH, depending on the price, or I may go farm them somewhere.

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2 responses to “Weekend Craft Grind

  1. As far as im aware I didnt see any thorium in Hellfire, think its only fel iron and khorium veins. I had my mining at 275 before I went through the portal. I did this by buying a fair bit of thorium and smelting it (thorium is very expensive). Best areas to mine thorium are the plaguelands however their is also a mine near the alliance base at the area the dark portal is at that has four or five nodes (if your lucky 3 will be thorium) in it.

    It is either going to be a hard grind time wise or if you can afford it a fair ammount of gold spent to get to 275. It does soften the blow if you have an enchanter who can disenchant the items you create for mats which you can sell for a decent price.

  2. I actually have walked out the front door of Altdorf.

    At any rate, though, that brings up another good point in WAR’s disfavor – the cities. The way they were originally pimped they were going to be the best and biggest cities ever, loaded with content and stuff. And they are indeed large, but they’re not any better than, say Stormwind or any of the better cities in WoW.